Poacher: Here Are All Locations Where the Amazon Show is Shot

Created by Richie Mehta, ‘Poacher’ is a Malayalam and Hindi language miniseries based on real-life affairs of elephant poaching in India for a global ivory trade racket. Field director Neel is given a prerogative from the Forest Minister to investigate the largest case of elephant poaching since the 1990s. Gathering the members of his team, Neel recruits a tenacious Forest Range Officer, Mala, and other specialists to track down the poachers. Entering the forest areas of India’s southern state, Kerala, the team begins to narrow down on their leads of local hunters and buyers.

However, they soon realize that the poaching racket is far larger than anyone could have expected, with illicit ivory exports reaching global markets for exorbitant prices. As the alliance of NGO workers, Indian Forest Service officers, and policemen goes on a hunt for the hunters, Neel and Mala travel to the heart of the trade in Delhi. With incredible cinematic shots of the forests of Kerala and gritty rural setting adding to the show’s authenticity, you may be curious about the real-world locations utilized by the Amazon Prime miniseries.

Where is Poacher Filmed?

‘Poacher’ is filmed on location in the regions of Kerala and New Delhi, India. The show’s cast and crew deliberately followed the trail of poaching activity and animal trade reported in the actual case, heading into the forests of Kerala as well as the markets of Delhi. Filming for the series began in late March 2022 and was wrapped up by June 2022. Let us venture to the forests, villages, and cities seen in the show.

Malayattoor, India

A village in the South Indian state of Kerala, Malayattoor is located at the periphery of the Sholayar Reserve Forest. The forests of Malayattoor have witnessed poaching taking place, and we see the area’s jungle environment depicted in the series. These forests, situated in the Western Ghats, are home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, including the majestic Asian elephants. Elephants play a significant role in the ecosystem of the Malayattoor forests and are considered iconic symbols of Kerala’s natural heritage, venerated in culture and religion.

The film crew travels into the forest, following in the footsteps of Forest Officers and covering ground that the poachers would have historically. When asked about where the series is filmed, Richie Mehta recounted, “We were based out of Kothamangalam, which is 90 minutes east of Kochi. Then we shot in the jungles of Malayattoor, Kerala, where poaching would actually take place. We did not go very deep into the jungle, but we got enough to get a sense of the forest department.”

Despite the challenges posed by poaching, the Malayattoor forests remain a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, and conservationists alike. The beauty of these forests, coupled with their ecological significance, underscores the importance of protecting Kerala’s natural treasures and preserving the legacy of its elephants for generations to come.

Delhi, India

Delhi, the capital of India, also serves as a filming location for the Amazon Prime production. The production team headed to the bustling capital city of India for the last leg of filming season 1. Most of the last two episodes of the inaugural season of ‘Poacher’ were shot throughout various locations in and around Delhi. Some of the sequences of the congested urban sprawl seen in the episodes were recorded on the streets of Laxmi Nagar, a region in the eastern part of Delhi primarily known for its teeming markets, commercial establishments, and residential neighborhoods.

While Delhi itself may not be a hotbed for poaching, as per a report in 2022, it has served as a hub for the illegal wildlife trade due to its status as a major transportation hub, including an intersection of highways, railway networks, and flights. Wildlife products, including ivory, tiger skins, and exotic birds, are often smuggled through such urban centers before being transported to domestic and international markets.

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