Preview: Black Clover Episode 156

Developed by Pierrot Studios, ‘Black Clover’ is by far one of the most popular TV anime at the moment. Since its release on October 3, 2017, the show has gained millions of fans all over the world. The series takes an overused concept like underdogs triumphing over insurmountable odds and creates something which is both unique and entertaining. It is based on a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of ‘Black Clover’.

Black Clover Episode 156 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The series is currently being directed by Ayataka Tanemura and written by Kanichi Katou. ‘Black Clover’ episode 156, titled ‘Awakening Powers’, is set to release on December 15, 2020.

Where to Watch Black Clover Episode 156 English Dub Online?

The English dubbed version of ‘Black Clover’ is available on Funimation. Viewers can catch the version with original Japanese audio and English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Black Clovers Spoilers

Since he was a child, Asta has wanted to be the Wizard King, the highest magical authority in the Clover Kingdom. But there is one problem. He was born with no magical abilities whatsoever. If it were anyone else, they would have given up a long time ago. But not Asta. He trains every day from dawn till dusk and gains incredible physical abilities. The people in the Black Clover universe channel their magic through grimoires. While Asta doesn’t get his grimoire when he is supposed to, a mysterious black grimoire appears before him when he and his best friend Yuno are being accosted by a thief. From the grimoire, Asta pulls out a black sword, which has the ability to nullify any magic. With it, he easily defeats the thief. As he is probably the only person in the world who doesn’t have any magic, no one except him can use that sword. As the series progresses, Asta turns his shortcomings into advantages and becomes one of the best young magic knights in the kingdom. He almost single-handedly uplifts the performance of his magic squad, the Black Bulls.

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