Preview: Monster Musume no Oishasan Episode 11

‘Monster Girl Doctor’ could have been a lot more popular if only its title was a little different. The term “Musume” gives many the impression that it’s a part of the Musume anime sub-genre. However, only when you walk into it, you realize that it is quite different from most offerings from the sub-genre. Well, regardless of what your initial impression was of this anime, you might want to check out it if the neophyte in you often goes trawling around for new content. For those who are already watching it, here are all the details of its next episode.

Monster Musume no Oishasan Episode 11 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The 11th episode, titled “Lindworm’s Major Operation,” of ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ is scheduled to release on September 20, 2020. 

Where to Watch Monster Musume no Oishasan Episode 11 Online?

You can watch ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Monster Musume no Oishasan Spoilers

The 10th episode picks up where the 9th one left and shows how Kanai tries to convince Skadi to agree to get her surgery done. But she fails. In the meantime, Glenn heads over to the Kuklo Workshop to get in touch with his boss. That’s where he meets Memé. As always, Memé’s lack of confidence gets in her way of expressing what she truly wants. Thus, she suffers. Upon meeting the boss, Glenn asks him to create needles that might come in handy later.

The episode then shows that back at the clinic, Arahnia is practicing for the surgery and is determined to impress the doctor with her sewing skills. Cthulhy and Glenn set out to take a look at their new tools. While they’re at it, Memé works at the drafting room, reviewing needles. Before she knows it, she gets distracted and the spinning wheel catches her eye. Illy learns about Memé’s little accident the next day and rushes to the hospital to seek Glenn’s help.

Out of curiosity, Glenn asks her what she was up to when she passed out. As she explains, he figures out that she suffered from serious exhaustion, which led to vertigo and eventually broke her down. Memé then goes ahead and even shows her commitment to the upcoming surgery. She shows everyone how she figured out a way to make the needles stronger. Upon hearing about her dedication, Glenn feels proud and showers her with praise.

In the closing moments of the episode, Glenn makes one last attempt to convince Skadi. From a distance, Arihana watches him with a grin on her face. She is clearly up to no good. Although her mischievous gimmicks remain unknown, we’ll found out more about that in the next episode.

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