Preview: No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 6

From a storyline standpoint, ‘No Guns Life’ is far too generic compared to its gritty but cool visuals. However, anime lovers will still enjoy how Madhouse develops its dark world with detailed cyberpunk background and well-written characters. So if you haven’t watched it yet, you might want to give it shot. For those who have been following it all this while, here are all the details of its next episode.

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The sixth episode of ‘No Guns Life’ Season 2 is scheduled to release on August 14, 2020. Since it has 12 episodes in this season, we expect to finish airing sometime in September 2020.

Where to Watch No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 6 Online?

The English subbed version of ‘No Guns Life’ Season 2 will be available on Funimation on July 9, 2020. You can watch the English Dub of its first season on Amazon Prime, Funimation, and Hulu.

No Guns Life Spoilers

‘No Guns Life’ revolves around the life of a half-Cyborg former soldier named Juuzou Inui who lives right in the epicenter of the underbelly of his world. It all started during the war when several soldiers were given the opportunity to serve the nation by becoming superior Cyborg weapons. Like Juuzi, several other soldiers volunteered for this initiative. During the war, these advanced cybernetic soldiers proved to be great assets for their army. However, after the war was over, they became useless and were eradicated into the normal world. But because of their cybernetic demeanor, they were never able to fit in with society. As a result, some of them joined forces with the government all over again while others got involved with terrorist organizations just to stay afloat. Compared to most other “Extended” soldiers, Juuzi was fortunate enough to land a fairly decent job as a Resolver. Although he, too, struggles to have an identity in the real world, he is able to keep his head above water.

But his peaceful world is shattered when a fellow Extended soldier shows up at his office one day and asks him for help. The former soldier claims that his son was kidnapped and he is now being tracked by government organizations. Realizing that bigger forces are at play here, Juuzi does not think twice before helping him out. But little does he know that this mission will lead him to dark corners of his city that he has never seen before. The deeper he delves into these spaces of his city, the more realizes that everyone from small street gangs to the biggest corporations is involved in it.

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