Preview: Noblesse Episode 6

The brand-new Production I.G anime, ‘Noblesse’, focuses on the titular character, who is a leader of a race of inhuman super beings. After sleeping for 820 years, he finds that the world has drastically changed. To learn about this new world, he starts attending the Ye Ran high school, the principal of which turns out to be Frankenstein, his loyal servant. Although the show has just been released, it has already started gathering a large group of followers. It is an anime adaptation of the 2007 manhwa series that is written by Son Jeho and illustrated by Lee Kwangsu. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode.

Noblesse Episode 6 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The series is directed by Shunsuke Tada, with Yasutaka Yamamoto performing the supporting directorial role. The 6th episode of ‘Noblesse’, titled ‘Great Power / Raizel’, is set to be released on November 11, 2020.

Where to Watch Noblesse English Dub Online?

The inaugural season of ‘Noblesse’ is available on Crunchyroll with original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Noblesse Spoilers

While the race of beings to which Noblesse belongs is also known as The Noblesse, this is incorrect. The Noblesse is a title, which marks the protagonist as one of the two main leaders of his race. His real name is Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. Frankenstein, who may not be as powerful as his master, nonetheless has remarkable abilities. The biggest antagonists in the show are currently a shadowy organization called Union, who, like any other villainous syndicate, wants to rule over the world. They perform abominable experiments on humans, so they would develop special abilities. The Elders, a clandestine group within Union, run the organization together. Since its foundation, Union has been the greatest enemy of the Nobles.

In episode 5, Seira goes to help Regis, who has been taken captive by Kranz and his crew along with Han and Woo. Raizel and Frankenstein go after her, as they fear that Shinwoo and Ik-Han might be in danger as well. M-21 tries to sacrifice himself while trying to protect the group.

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