Priscylla Lee: Ex-Shekinah Church Member is Suing Robert Shinn

In Netflix’s ‘The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,’ the alleged ordeals suffered by many members of the Shekinah Church and the 7M talent agency take center stage. One of the most compelling stories is that of Priscylla Lee, who left the group after 23 years during the filming of the documentary. Her genuine and raw emotions are captured as she mends her relationship with her sister and takes time to understand herself. Priscylla stands out for her strength in the face of all odds, inspiring her to take charge of her life.

Priscylla Lee Stayed with the Shekinah Church for 23 Years

Priscylla Lee, much like her sister, Melanie Lee, joined the Shekinah Church when they were both young and had recently immigrated to the US from South Korea. Finding solace and community within the church, they bonded over their shared experiences of having a mother struggling with alcohol dependency and a father who had abandoned them. During her time with the church, Priscylla noted that many members were involved in various business ventures, and all members contributed to these enterprises. She worked for a mortgage company and played a pivotal role in its establishment and growth from the ground up.

Priscylla alleged that she saw little to no money while she was with the group. Her bank accounts were under the control of Shinn, his family members, and other “mentors,” who monitored the activities of the members closely. This lack of financial autonomy was a significant factor when her sister decided to leave the group and asked her to come along. Priscylla felt she couldn’t refuse because she feared losing her life’s work and having nothing to hold onto. Additionally, she shared that the fear of being considered a sinner and the belief that she would be condemned to hell if she left the group was deeply ingrained in her mind, making the option of leaving seem nonexistent to her.

Priscylla alleged that during her time with the group, she was repeatedly assaulted by Robert Shinn, as he had unrestricted access to her room. She stated that the cycle of abuse became so normalized that she spent many years feeling trapped in a dark room, believing there was no way out. The situation escalated further when Priscylla was physically attacked by Shinn’s wife, Hannah, and Shinn did nothing to intervene or assist her. It was at this point that she decided that even if she were condemned to hell, she would rather face that fate than continue to endure the suffering within the confines of the Shekinah Church premises. She left the church in 2021.

Where is Priscylla Lee Now?

Rehabilitating and reintegrating into the real world was quite tricky for Priscylla Lee, who had spent about 23 years with the church. The experience had profoundly impacted her, and she confessed to feeling suicidal and depressed. In her journey to healing, she reached out to her father to address the many unresolved issues between them. Priscylla also spent time with her niece, Devyn, and tried to explain to her sister that her struggles were far from over and that she was still grappling with her mental and physical health.

Priscylla has filed a civil lawsuit against Robert Shinn and has found strength in support of other former members of the church and the talent agency. The case has not resulted in any charges and will be heard in 2025, and she has been working on strengthening her case now. Initially, she was unwilling to talk about the abuse she had suffered at the hands of Shinn, but the process of recovery and healing gave her some hope. As of today, she moved out of Los Angeles to facilitate her healing journey and now prefers to go by Elisha Priscylla Leigh. She has not shared much about her personal life publicly and is taking the time to recuperate from her traumatic experiences.

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