Project Power Soundtrack: Where to Listen to the Songs?

Netflix’s ‘Project Power’ is a fun, action-filled ride that focuses on the meaning of true power. The film uses its characters to give us different perspectives about what power can mean to different people, and the message is also highlighted through the great music that accompanies the story. The film features some original rap written by Chika and performed by Dominique Fishback, who plays the role of Robin. It also uses other great songs to bring the story together. Here are all the songs that feature in Project Power. You can listen to them on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, or any other place you stream songs.

Project Power Complete Soundtrack List

Grinding All My Life by Nipsey Hussle– The song plays at the beginning of the film when Robin is introduced to the audience and we find out that she makes money dealing Power.

Gotta Lotta by 2 Chainz feat. Lil Wayne– The song plays in the scene when Robin and Frank drive off on a motorcycle. Before the song, the relationship between the police officer and the teenager was revealed, and Frank gifts the motorcycle to Robin for helping him out and being a good kid, altogether.

Fireman Stage (From Mega Man) by Capcom Sound Team– The song plays in the background in the scene where Art finds himself battling a powered version of Machine Gun Kelly’s Newt.

The Makings of You by Curtis Mayfield– The song appears in the scene where we get to see Robin at her home and meet her mother. It is revealed that Robin is saving the money from selling Power, and she wants to save enough to get her mother the treatment she needs. Before she leaves home for school, she plays the song for her mother.

A Slight Case of the Shakes by Brick Fleagle– The jazz song adds to the vibe of the action movie, playing in the background.

Drowning (Feat. BADBADNOTGOOD) by Mick Jenkins– The song plays in the scene where Art sends Robin inside a supermarket to contact the supplier of Power to Newt, which leads to a fight between the dealers and Art.

Maniac by Goldlink- The song appears in the film around the scene where Frank arrives at Robin’s house just in time to save her from the strange men inquiring about Robin’s whereabouts. When they leave, Frank uses Robin’s mother’s phone to track them down.

Strode Rode by Sonny Rollins– This is another jazz song that appears in the movie, bolstering the emotion of the scene.

Ginza Samba by Stan Getz & Cal Tjader– This is the third jazz piece that features in the film and ties the soundtracks with the story.

High Rises by Chika– This song appears at the end of the film, after Art, Robin, Frank, and Tracy have evaded all dangers and can finally relax in safety. The song underlines the strength of the two young black girls who own their story in the film. Tracy enjoys her freedom after escaping the torture from Teleios, and Robin looks forward to using her words, her true power, to make a mark on the world.

My Power by Chika and Dominique Fish– The main theme of ‘Project Power’ is the power that we find within ourselves. The final song of the film emphasizes this message through its powerful lyrics. While discussing the meaning of power, Art had told Robin that her real power is the way she can frame words in her rap. He asks her to harness that rather than relying on some pill to show her what she can do. As the credits roll and My Power plays in the background, we see Robin jotting down her powerful words on the paper.

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