‘Queen of the South’ Season 4: Chris Greene and Sofia Lama Joins Braga

‘Queen of the South’ assembles almost all the fan favorites for the upcoming season 4. Chris Greene and Sofia Lama are the latest cast members to confirm their slot in the fourth season of the USA Network series. Earlier, Vera Cherny signed on to play a recurring role in the series. ‘Queen of the South‘ features Alice Braga in the lead and is based on the bestselling book ‘La Reina del Sur’ by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

The plot follows Teresa Mendoza, played by Braga, a desperate woman who runs for her life with a Mexican cartel on her tail and seek refuge across the border in America. The third season features a Teresa determined to build her own empire along the porous border. But she has to face fierce resistance from old and new adversaries who join together to eliminate the common enemy. Mendoza fights to secure a place as a partner who can control Camila Vargas’s cartel. But she realizes that the crown comes with a price, more hard work and sacrifice.

Mendoza begins her life as a minor currency changer on the streets of Sinaloa. Her simpleton life turns on its head when her drug peddler boyfriend is murdered after a gang conflict. Mendoza has no other option except fleeing Sinaloa to save her life. She goes straight to the Texas border. But the woman ends up as an aid of Camila Vargas, wife of Don Epifano, who rules the Vargas cartel. The ruthless don has a mysterious connection with the murder of Mendoza’s soulmate. The series closely follows a woman transforms into the queen of the cartels. “She never liked guns, so for her to get a gun in her hands and shoot is something very violent, even for herself,” Braga said about Mendoza’s evolution in a previous interview.

Chris Greene plays Bobby Leroux, a loyal business associate work for Marcel Dumas, played by Alimi Ballard, who is a New Orleans mobster and owner of a hip jazz club. Sofia Lama portrays Emilia, the frightened former fiancee of the don of the Jimenez cartel and the father of Kique Jimenez, Boaz Jimenez, played by Joseph T. Campos.

Vera Cherny plays Oksana Volkova, an ambitious underworld queen who has close ties with the Russian mafia in New York City and rules over Atlanta cartels. She comes from prison in Chechnya and she needs power, whatever be the cost. Pepe Rapazote, who is known for Narcos, plays Raul “El Gordo” Rodriguez, a Cuban drug dealer who connects Miami drug market with big shots on the East Coast.

Dailyn Rodriguez and Ben Lobato serve as co-showrunners for Season 4 and executive produce the show along with David T. Friendly. ‘Queen of the South’ is produced by Fox 21 Television Studios in association with Universal Cable Productions. The series earned an average of 2.1 million total viewers in season three, which wrapped on September 13, 2018. Season four of ‘Queen of the South‘ begins on June 6, 2019, on USA Network.