Rachanda Pickle’s Family Now Seeks Closure After Years of Suffering

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In 1990, at the age of 13, Rachanda went missing from her home in Oregon, and her stepfather, Ackroyd, was the last person to have seen her. Despite concerns raised by her friends about possible abuse and her reluctance to return home, the police investigation yielded no concrete evidence at the time. Rachanda’s case remained unsolved for years, and it wasn’t until Ackroyd’s later arrest and conviction for another murder that Rachanda’s case was revisited. Ackroyd ultimately pleaded no-contest to Rachanda’s murder in 2013, exchanging it for never seeking parole. Ackroyd never revealed where Rachanda’s body was and the pain of her family persists. The case was discussed in detail on ‘Ghosts of Highway 20’ along with the stories of other women who faced Ackroyd’s brutality. Let’s see where her family is now, as they carry the burden of Rachanda’s unresolved disappearance in their hearts.

Byron Pickle in Now Rachanda’s Advocate

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Byron was a teenager when Rachanda had disappeared. He recalled that Ackroyd was a terrible father figure to have in the household as he often beat up both of them and Rachanda was particularly scared of him. When the police had started interviewing Ackroyd after Rachanda’s disappearance, Byron had helped in piecing together one of the puzzles. He told them that Ackroyd’s low libido was a cause of conflict between his mother and him but after Rachanda had disappeared, they had sex and the police suspected something fishy.

In 2013, when Rachanda’s case was presented to a grand jury, resulting in Ackroyd’s indictment on a single murder charge, the task of representing Rachanda’s interests fell to Byron. At the time, Byron, who was then 39 years old and had a family of his own, faced a deeply emotional and challenging decision. The district attorney inquired whether he supported a plea agreement or preferred Ackroyd to face a trial. To ensure that Ackroyd faced the consequences of his actions, Byron opted for the plea deal. This was a poignant and impactful moment for him, as he had kept much of his little sister’s story concealed from his own family. During the case’s conclusion, Byron and his wife attended the courtroom proceedings, holding a picture of Rachanda. He remains haunted by the fact that he did not get to share a final hug with his younger sister the last time they saw each other. In memory of Rachanda, he had her name and a tattoo of her face inked onto his left bicep, a lasting tribute to her that remains close to his heart.

Linda Pickle has Now Started a New Chapter in San Bernardino

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Linda and Ackroyd’s marriage in the mid-1980s was short-lived, resulting in a divorce just a year later. Surprisingly, they continued to share a roof because she found stability with him, until the disappearance of Rachanda, which cast a dark shadow of suspicion over Ackroyd’s involvement. The turmoil proved to be the breaking point for their relationship, ultimately leading to Ackroyd’s departure from Linda’s residence by 1992. Subsequently, Linda, looking to rebuild her life, remarried and adopted the name Linda Monville. When queried about the events surrounding Rachanda, she claimed no knowledge of any alleged molestation by Ackroyd and vehemently denied any accusations of abuse toward her children. As of the latest available information, Linda resides in San Bernardino, California, where she has crafted a new chapter in her life, now approaching the age of 69.

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