Is Rachel Dolezal Married?

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Netflix’s ‘The Rachel Divide’ is a fascinating documentary film that puts the spotlight on Rachel Anne Dolezal and showcases her heart-wrenching journey from the moment she is outed in front of the nation for faking her race to the time she actually changes her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, to put an end to all the public scrutiny and hate associated with her name. The film also focuses on the impact the backlash has on the lives of her kids and siblings. We also learn about her troubled childhood and complicated married life. Some of you might be wondering about Rachel’s partner and the father of her kids. Well, we might be able to help you with that.

Is Rachel Dolezal Married?

The former President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is a single mother who is raising her kids all by herself through her hair braiding and artwork business in Spokane, Washington. But Dolezal was once an unhappily married woman, in her marriage to Kevin Moore. That didn’t work out well, and the marriage fell apart in 2004. After that, Rachel was in a relationship with a musician from Mississippi, Maurice Turner, who even created mushy music videos for her. The two also got engaged in December, 2012 but Rachel called it off in February 2013.

After Kevin and Maurice, Rachel fell in love with a man from the Armed Forces but it brought nothing but despair and pain in her life. In June 2019, in the middle of the pride season, Rachel came out as bisexual on social media.

She added that she is no rush to explore a romantic relationship and just wants to focus on finding a secure job that could finance the education of her kids.

Who is Kevin Moore?

In 2000, Rachel tied the knot with Kevin Moore, a medical student at Howard University. In the film, Rachel claims that Kevin always treated her like a “trophy wife,” asking her to behave like a white woman and always be in the kitchen.

She further claims that she has endured enough mental torture and manipulation in her marriage, and therefore, the couple divorced in 2005. However, they have managed to stay amicable for their son, Franklin Moore. Kevin has accused Rachel of turning their son against him.

Who is the Father of Langston Attikus?

Rachel has strictly kept the details of the father of her baby son, Langston, under wraps, but in the film, we learn that Rachel met at an Air-force officer in Spokane, and the two instantly hit it off. But things changed when Rachel realized she is pregnant. He refused to co-parent the baby and asked Rachel to either raise the baby herself or opt for an abortion. Rachel went with the former, bringing Langston Attikus into the world.

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