Ray Trapani’s Net Worth: How Rich is Centra’s Co-Founder?

Starring in Netflix’s ‘Bitconned,’ Raymond “Ray” Trapani captured the headlines due to his position as the Co-Founder of Centra Tech, a company that promised to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency. The most prominent topic in the case is money of various forms, given the millions of dollars that were poured into an idea that never did come to fruition due to its foundations. As such, it is hardly a wonder that the world wants to know just how rich Ray is today.

How Did Ray Trapani Earn His Money?

Ray Trapani had apparently always been fascinated with the idea of being a criminal in order to earn big bucks. Even in the Netflix documentary, he claimed that the only way to earn a huge amount of money in modern times might be to take an immoral path. For Ray, his own venture into the business world started when he joined forces with his friend Bert to create Miami Exotics, a rental company, in November 2014, with Ray serving as CEO. Prior to that, he was a General Foreman for Safway Atlantic from January 2011 to October 2014.

Unfortunately for Ray, Miami Exotics soon became a business with no profit, which only brought him down. Struggling to find a new line, he decided to start a new business with Sam “Sorbee” Sharma called Centra Tech in December 2016. The company claimed that it would revolutionize the cryptocurrency world with its debit cards, which would allow clients to make day-to-day transactions using their cryptocurrency. Additionally, they launched their own virtual money called Centra coins, which also gained a lot of traction.

Given how Centra Tech seemed to provide solutions for some of the biggest hurdles in the world of crypto users, it was no wonder that it attracted a lot of attention from investors as well as investigators. While millions of dollars started pouring in, with possibilities of foreign deals, the fact that the organization was actually established on allegedly fraudulent ideas meant that it was not long before the empire created by Ray and his friends came crashing down.

Ray Trapani’s Net Worth

While the legality of Centra Tech and the way in which it earned money has come under much legal scrutiny, it does not mean that Ray had to give up all the money. Over the course of the company’s investment process, Ray and his partners were able to gain over $32 million dollars. During the May 2018 seizing of the company, the authorities found 100,000 Ethereum. During his sentencing, Ray was asked to pay his victims $2.9 million. All these figures point out that Ray and his partners might not have been completely truthful about the money they were able to make throughout the process. Keeping this in mind, we estimate Ray Trapani’s net worth to be around $10 million.

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