Rebecca Moses Murder: What Happened to Ramirez Emigdio Garcia?

Image Credit: Justice for Rebecca Moses/Facebook

Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit With John Walsh: Deadly Secrecy’ follows the brutal murder of Rebecca Moses in Greene County, Ohio, in May 1997. The 34-year-old was killed in front of her child. The police were able to determine the identity of the killer based on witness testimony but could not catch him since he had already absconded. The episode covers the case, showcasing the investigation and the efforts put up by Rebecca’s family in search of the killer. If you wish to know more about the case as well as the identity of the perpetrator, we’ve you covered.

How Did Rebecca Moses Die?

Rebecca Moses Garcia was a resident of Beaufort County, Eastern Carolina, and had a 2-year-old son named Corby and a 7-year-old named Clifton. At the time of the incident, the 34-year-old single mother was estranged from her husband, Ramirez Emigdio Garcia, for a while. Rebecca’s whole world revolved around her kids. Her mother, Charlotte Moore, described her as “very pretty and smart, she was very playful. She was in the beauty pageant.” She worked as a nurse’s aide and lived with her parents, who took care of Corby.

Image Credit: Justice for Rebecca Moses/Facebook

Rebecca’s elder sister, Beverly Wilkerson, fondly remembered how Rebecca was born when she was just over 13 years of age. She used to take her baby sister for horse riding and to the movies and how Rebecca looked after Beverly’s children when she got a little older. Beverly said that she and Rebecca shared a close bond until the latter became a teenager and started hanging out with friends. However, when Rebecca became a mother in her teens, they forged their bond again. Hence, it came as a shock for the family when they learned their beloved Rebecca was murdered in May 1997.

As per Rebecca’s family, the single mother had gone with Corby to the Snow Hill area in Greene County to pay for a speeding ticket. Clifton was reportedly with his father at the time. The night on May 17, 1997, she was staying with a friend at a mobile home along Highway 58 South near Rainbow Church when she got murdered. Police reports state that there were nine people in the house, including Rebecca and her son, when she was shot dead. Charlotte said, “She (Rebecca) was in bed with her baby. She was not threatening nobody.”

Who Killed Rebecca Moses?

According to police reports, there were seven other people inside the mobile home on that fateful night in May 1997 when Rebecca was shot dead in her bed. The detectives did not have to look long for the killer since the witnesses alleged that she was killed by her estranged husband, Ramirez Emigdio Garcia. As per her family, Rebecca married Ramirez when she was a young mother. When they’d gotten together, Rebecca believed he would be a “good father” to her son.

Image Credit: Justice for Rebecca Moses/Facebook

However, the marriage went into shambles within a few months as Rebecca allegedly began to face abuse from her husband. Her family claimed that she was a victim of domestic violence, which prompted Rebecca to leave Ramirez. Beverly said, “She did the right thing by leaving him, and then she still gets killed.” As per witness testimonials, Rebecca and Ramirez fought on the night of the murder, which led to Rebecca locking herself and her son in the bedroom. However, they added Ramirez forced his way in and shot Rebecca.

Ramirez Emigdio Garcia Remains on the Run Today

The police quickly issued a warrant in Ramirez’s name, charging him with the first-degree murder of Rebecca. However, the alleged killer fled before law enforcement could arrest him. Ramirez has eluded police for nearly 25 years now. One of the investigating officers said, “He (Ramirez) got a ride with some van line and made it to Mexico before we could get him.” The case was handed over to the FBI, but the alleged murderer remains on the run. Rebecca’s family has tried their very best to keep the search going on even after so many years.

They contacted Interpol and the White House, created a Facebook memorial page in her name, and kept posting regularly on social media, urging people to come forward with new information on Ramirez. The family yearns for closure, with Beverly saying, “We need justice. We need justice for her.” Rebecca’s son, Corby, was adopted by Charlotte who raised her. However, the family suffered another tragic loss when Corby was killed in Martin County in June 2018 at the age of 23.

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