Rebecca and Jake: Has the MAFS Couple Separated?

Nine Network’s ‘Married at First Sight’ is an Australian reality series that follows strangers as they try to trace their compatibility after being introduced to each other at the altar. In Season 8, Rebecca Zemek, a 27-year-old business manager from Perth, Western Australia, signed up for the show. She was looking for a partner who would boast of a good attitude and with whom she’d enjoy a good banter. On the other hand, was 32-year-old charity CEO Jake Edwards from Melbourne. He wanted someone who would choose to love him for himself and not for who he is.

Rebecca and Jake got paired together; despite having a rocky start, they seemed to slowly get used to the idea of each other. It has been quite some time since the season aired in 2020, and fans have been wondering whether the relationship of Rebecca and Jake, a couple who seemed polar opposites to each other, was able to stand the test of time.

Rebecca and Jake Had Too Many Differences in Their Personalities

Rebecca and Jake first laid eyes on each other on their wedding day. The confident, extroverted, and adventurous Rebecca, who had just come out of a 10-year relationship with her AFL player fiance after infidelity from both sides, knew exactly what she wanted from her match. Meanwhile, old-school country boy Jake, who was previously engaged and had broken things after realizing he wasn’t in love with the woman anymore, wanted someone who would want to settle down with him and start a family quickly.

The problem between them started when Rebecca took issue with Jake’s facial appearance when he saw her walking down the aisle, and having judged him that instant, she decided to draw her guards up and questioned whether Jake was the correct match for him. Justifying her thought process to 9Entertainment, she said, “I started to put my guard a little up. I’m someone who pays attention to all finer details, so I think I started to over-analyze him.” Then came the vows, and like all else so far, that too was quite different. While Jake’s vows were emotional and were his attempt to give her a look into who he was, Rebecca had taken a more light-hearted approach.

Even when Jake was reading his vows, Rebecca couldn’t help but notice minute details in his appearance and draw out flaws, such as the lack of a tie. As the day drew to a close, the couple decided to talk about their first impressions. While Jake sensed something was bothering Rebecca, it hurt him to realize that she had already passed her judgment on him based on his attire at their wedding. However, this was just the start of what was to come. The couple failed to see eye-to-eye in most cases throughout the experiment, and Rebecca even openly berated Jake in front of the other couples during the show’s first dinner party.

In most of their Commitment Ceremonies, Rebecca had shown a desire to quit, while Jake was adamant about staying to make their relationship work. With neither of them willing to leave their hometowns, fans kept their fingers crossed about the pair. Despite showing minimal interest in him and their relationship throughout, fans were left stunned when Rebecca said she wanted to continue their relationship during their Final Vows. A visibly emotional Jake was moved after having confessed moments ago about him falling in love with her. Despite the pair’s differences and lack of similarities, they decided to go out together, intent on giving their all to the relationship that was slowly coming to be.

Rebecca Embraced Motherhood While Jake is in a Happy Relationship

Even though Rebecca and Jake decided to go out together, putting their differences to rest, they were unable to sustain their relationship. The couple had been dealing with tensions ever since videos had emerged of Jake sharing a kiss with fellow ‘MAFS’ contestant Booka Nile. However, a cheating scandal, where Rebecca was seen kissing a mystery ex, that was revealed during the reunion eventually led them to go their separate ways. Having taken time out from the show to treat her dog in her hometown, Rebecca’s actions were questioned by the experts on the show. While she initially tried to play it down by saying the man in question was her brother. She eventually admitted the truth.

The revelation naturally left Jake gutted, leading him to choose to sever all contact with Rebecca after the incident. After the former couple’s scandalous split, both Jake and Rebecca moved on in their lives. Jake found love with Sophie Guidolin, a fitness influencer. However, they split sometime after. In 2021, Jake chose to take a social media break, citing mental health. His recovery phase also led him to find romance with Clare Rankin in November 2021. The pair got engaged in December 2022. The couple continue to go steady and are often seen sharing pictures of each other, along with Clare’s pet dog, Kuda.

Jake continues to champion the cause of mental health and is also a buyer’s agent with Edward and Smith. The charming CEO also hosted ‘Celebrity Renos,’ which helps celebs buy, design, and build their dream homes. Meanwhile, Rebecca, too found love with Ben Mitchell. The couple previously dated in June 2020 before she left for her stint in ‘MAFS.’ While she initially kept things secret, it was in April 2021 that she made their relationship social media official.

Rebecca’s current passion project is Home of Haus, which she co-owns with her partner Ben. She also runs the company Blue Chip Influencer Management. The couple also embraced parenthood on May 29, 2022, with their baby girl Immy Michell. Rebecca lost her beloved pet dog Oscar 48 hours after she’d learned of her pregnancy. Rebecca, who is quite active on social media, often shares snaps of her life with fans.

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