Remember Me, Mommy? Cast And Filming Location Details

‘Remember Me, Mommy?’, which was earlier known as ‘Daughter Dearest’, is a Lifetime thriller film helmed by director Michelle Ouelette in her second directorial venture. Earlier, Ouelette directed a number of episodes of the TV shows ‘Paranormal Solutions Inc.’, ‘The True Heroines’, ‘White Ninja’, and others. It cannot be denied that the opportunity such TV movies provide to up and coming directors like Ouelette is very healthy for the industry. Directors like her can create wonders in Hollywood if they learn the ropes of their trade while making films for television.

The story of ‘Remember Me, Mommy?’ is quite interesting. It centers around a woman called Rebecca who works as a teacher in an elite private school for girls. Suddenly one day a new student arrives at the school on a scholarship and Rebecca is somehow taken aback by her. We come to know that Rebecca was a mother once, but seventeen years ago, she had given up her child for adoption. She is of the opinion that this new girl is probably her own daughter. But has this teenager chosen this school in order to exact revenge upon her biological mother who had abandoned her all those years ago? To know the answer, you have to check out the film on Lifetime.

TV movies like ‘Remember Me, Mommy?’ are mainly shot in indoor locations in order to keep the production within its budget. Producers of such films cannot afford to move their cast and crew from one city to another, and thus they choose a location where most of the film can be shot easily. This is the reason such films are shot in indoor locations, in Los Angeles, or in certain parts of Canada where exciting tax benefits are on offer for film production companies.

Remember Me, Mommy? Cast:

Canadian actress Natalie Brown plays the leading character in this film. A veteran actress, Brown can be seen in a number of films and TV shows. Some of her most well-known works have been in ‘Sophie’, ‘Comedy Bar’, ‘Ransom’, and others. Another major character in ‘Remember Me, Mommy?’ is portrayed by Kristopher Turner. Some of his major work has been on the shows ‘Saving Hope’, ‘This Life’, ‘Falling Water’, and others. Some other important characters of the film are played by Sydney Meyer, Taveeta Szymanowicz, Samora Smallwood, and others.

Remember Me, Mommy? Filming Locations:

Many Canadian regions have now become the go-to locations for the filming of some rather important Hollywood projects. Both TV movies and commercial blockbusters are being filmed in Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and others. ‘Remember Me, Mommy?’ has also followed such a path, with a majority of the movie being shot in Ontario, Canada.