Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Kazuya and Girlfriend

In ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ 3rd Season or ‘Rent-A-Girlfriend’ season 3 episode 7 titled ‘Kazuya and Girlfriend,’ Ruka and Kazuya go to the pool to celebrate the former’s birthday. Kazuya is nervous as he worries that his girlfriend may ask for something unexpected from him as a gift. But eventually, he realizes that he has been terrible to her, and despite that she has always been very patient and kind towards him.

Kazuya Celebrates Ruka’s Birthday

On her birthday, Ruka visits Kazuya’s apartment early in the morning and tells him her plan to go to the pool with him. Kazuya is flustered and since it is her special day, he can’t really say no to her. When they finally get to the location, he sits on the chair wondering what his girlfriend is going to ask for as a gift. Kazuya is really nervous and that’s when Ruka returns wearing her swimsuit. She looks stunning and all the men start talking about her.

Kazuya notices this and could not wrap his head around the fact that she chose to date him for some reason. He makes the excuse that he needs to go to the bathroom and leaves the pool. Ruka gets even more determined to ensure that she makes his heart race. When he returns, she asks him to rub sunscreen on her back. Kazuya is flabbergasted but does not have any other option but to comply.

Kazuya gathers all the courage and does what he is told. As he rubs her skin with his finger, he gets an erection and feels bad for letting Mizuhara down like that. In order to get himself out of the situation, he rubs the cream as soon as possible and tries to leave for the pool but Ruka makes him apply the cream on her legs as well. The couple have a buffet later that night but Ruka gets disappointed to learn that Kazuya has not bought her any gifts.

Kazuya naturally feels sorry for his girlfriend as he has failed in every way imaginable. The duo later sit together at a date spot where the rest of the couples are making out. When Kazuya recalls his behavior in the previous days, he feels sorry for Ruka. He thanks her for everything she has done and interestingly, Ruka holds no grudges against him. This makes Kazuya realize that he probably does not deserve her. Eventually, all she asks for as a gift is his permission to use his first name from now on.

Grandmother Sayuri Think About Mizuhara’s Feelings for Kazuya?

Since it’s Grandmother Sayuri’s birthday, Mizuhara buys a pair of new hospital pajamas for her. Since she has recently learned that lavender is the lucky color of 77-year-olds like her, Mizuhara has chosen the ones of the exactly same color. It turns out that she has been really unwell lately, but Grandmother Sayuri refuses to let those physically vulnerable moments worry her. She instead takes everything in a not-so-serious fashion and ensures that she does not worry Mizuhara too much.

During their conversation, Grandmother Sayuri recalls his daughter Kasumi. She remembers all the fond memories of her and really feels saddened by the pain of having to see her die. When Mizuhara is going outside, she runs into Sumi, who appears to have been heavily involved in her life in recent times. When the two get to talk, Sumi mentions how much effort Kazuya has been putting into the movie project. Interestingly, she has also helped distribute flyers to people when the crowdfunding for the film was going on. When Mizuhara talks to her grandmother again, the two eventually end up discussing Kazuya.

Mizuhara interestingly is quite mad at him for being so reckless and talks about how he almost messed up everything. Although it is obvious that she really appreciates all the help she got from him, Mizuhara is unwilling to directly say it. Grandmother Sayuri notices the way she talks about him and points out that true love happens when people have the time of their life talking about someone. Mizuhara is speechless as her face turns red. Although she is quick to clarify that this is certainly not the case, she does not seem really convincing.

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