Review: Gentefied Season 1 Finale

The Morales family gave their everything to save the taco shop. Chris and Erik set aside their rivalries, Pop opened up to the changes in the shop, and they welcomed outsiders with open arms, despite Yessika’s protests. But now that they have it all, doesn’t it seem too good to be true? What does fate have in store for Mama Fina’s taco shop now? How will they adapt to the challenges that further test their grit?

Gentefied Episode 10 Recap

Erik and Lidia rush to the hospital and prepare to welcome their daughter into the world. Because the baby is early, they start to freak out, especially Erik who does not want to turn out anything like his own father. Ana’s day finally comes around too. She prepares for her art exhibition but struggles with the main piece. She wanted it to be her and Yessika’s painting. But now that they have broken up, it doesn’t feel right. She has only one day to replace it, but nothing comes to the mind that shares space with a broken heart.

Chris starts to feel more at home at Mama Fina’s but a call from his dad changes the whole equation. Pop gets back his beloved Salma, but also gets back into trouble with the law. Ana discovers a devastating fact about the taco shop.

Gentefied Season 1 Finale Review

Gentefied’ started out with dreams. Erik wanted to be with Lidia, Chris wanted to go to the cooking school in Paris, and Ana wanted her art to receive the recognition it deserved. Now that they are all close to their dreams, they also have some very difficult choices to make. With its finale, the story comes full circle for the protagonists, including Pop who is arrested once again.

It had always been a question about protecting their gente. In Boyle Heights, everything is changing, and for Mama Fina’s taco shop to survive, they had to accept those changes as well. But their intentions and hard work weren’t enough to make it work. Gentrification is coming for all of them, as Yessika had warned Ana. And despite all their efforts, Mama Fina’s has to face that too.

The finale works as a wake-up call, especially for Ana. When Tim got her the gigs, she thought she was finally going to have everything that she had dreamed of. But the glitz of it all fogged her vision and she couldn’t see what her girlfriend clearly anticipated. Ana isn’t there just for her art, she is being used because of her race, because she is queer, and because people like Tim want to use her as the way of making their own statement. The reality also bites Ana when she realises that her own family is now in the same situation that Ofelia was in, not too long ago.

‘Gentefied’ ends its first run, leaving the characters on the same crossroads that they had started out at. The only difference is that they have gone through a journey that has changed them as a person. And so, the choices will be even more difficult for them now.

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