Review: Lost in Space Season 2 Premiere

“Can we just get where we’re going once without crashing?” Don West irritably pronounces the one thing that the audience has been wondering about as well. Since we first saw the Robinsons in the series premiere of ‘Lost in Space’, they have been hurtling from one problem to another, trying to stay alive in the face of the danger that only gets worse with every turn. In the finale of the first season, they had found themselves transported to an unknown part of the universe. What’s worse is that the Robot had already warned Will about this. They are in Danger.

Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

It has been seven months and Robinsons have settled down in the unknown planet. They have been trying to find ways to get off it and get back to Alpha Centauri, but the solution hasn’t presented itself yet. In the meantime, they have managed to grow corn; so, even if it takes more time for them to figure out how to leave the planet, they can spend that time comfortably. But, of course, there is no rest for the wicked.

Maureen has found a way to get back in space but John considers it too dangerous for the kids. However, when he realises that the atmosphere of this place is not as forgiving as he had presumed, he finds it best to do what his wife says. And so, they get busy turning their ship into a sailboat. Meanwhile, Dr Smith is still locked up, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t up to some mischief.

Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 1 Review

After a visually appealing first season, ‘Lost in Space’ continues to create beautiful new worlds out of scratch. The whole episode is a feast for the eyes, especially with the strip of beach surrounded by water that glows, owing to the flora of it. Water is a strong element in this episode and the greyish tint of it is in sync with that mood.

The season premiere also prepares you for the things to come for the family that sails together. While we start slow and settled down, it doesn’t take much time for danger to show up and compared to the previous season, it has escalated beyond measure. And it is not just the planet. Yes, the family has to protect itself from an alien atmosphere that is not suitable for humans. Yes, they have to take care of food, water and energy; they have to conserve their resources. They have to take risks and face the situations that could very well be the end of one or more of them. But the worst danger is living amongst them.

Dr Smith is a diabolical character. She is selfish to the point of being cruel, and she has made it very clear, time and again, that her own survival is the only thing that matters to her. The Robinsons, especially Maureen, have read into it pretty well. No matter what Smith says, she is not the one to be trusted. But she is on the ship with them, and there are times when she proves helpful. Since Robinsons are good people, they are liable to have the tendency to believe in the inherent goodness of people. ‘Lost in Space’ uses this scenario in a very balanced manner. It makes us hopeful like Robinsons, but then, it also gives us reasons to be wary of the villain. It also focuses on the fact that Smith is the part of the crew now, no matter if it is for better or worse.

‘Shipwrecked’ gives a clear direction to the characters and the changes that they have already gone through in the span of the seven months that we didn’t see them. The characters, especially children, are breaking out of their shells. Penny, who had been on the backfoot for the most part of the first season, is getting the character treatment that she deserves. Hence, considering everything, season 2 starts on an exciting note and makes you look forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

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