Review: Narcos Mexico S02 E03

What’s in a name? For DEA Agent Walt Breslin, everything. His arrival in Mexico is due to the murder of a fellow agent, Kiki Camarena. According to Mexican police, the case is closed. The people responsible for it are behind bars; there is nothing else to investigate. But, of course, there is. The real culprit, the real prize is the leader of the biggest cartel in Mexico. The only cartel in Mexico, the one that controls every narco in the country. Getting their hands at him is a long journey. It is a ladder, and the DEA is taking one step at a time. One name is one rung of the ladder, and one step closer to Felix.

From the interrogation of Verdin, in the second episode, Breslin gets the name of Zuno, the one whose house was used as the site for the captivity, torture and murder of Camarena. It was easier to get the doctor and the commandant, but to get to the nephew of the Minister of Defence is no easy feat. It is, however, very important if they are ever to bring down Felix Gallardo.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Breslin and his men left Sergio Verdin outside a hospital and he died. This comes as a bittersweet situation for them. Sweet, because the man who had seen all of their faces is dead and cannot tell his bosses about them. Bitter, because his death has alerted the bosses and now if they are not going into hiding, they are preparing for an attack. But if Breslin wants to fry the bigger fish, he will have to get to the smaller ones that can take him there. Ruben Zuno Arce is his way to bringing down a drug empire while also getting justice for Camarena.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 3 Review

If the second episode was about the barbarity in an interrogation room, the third episode of this season focuses on strategy. If a tree falls in the forest, someone will hear about it, even if there are just whispers. The presence of DEA agents and the death of Sergio Verdin creates a problem for Breslin and his team as Zuno, their next target, holes up under the protection provided by his uncle. With an army at his disposal, what can a bunch of gringos do?

This episode leads to another, and a very significant, win for the DEA. They have a very important witness at their disposal who can help them connect the murder of Kiki with not just Felix Gallardo, but also with other officials in the Mexican government, leading right to the Minister of Defence and beyond.

Without shedding one drop of blood, they make a gamble and it pays off. Paranoia acts as the only enemy of the man who is scared and holed up. What remains to be seen is how it will help Breslin in making a case against Gallardo and if he can get his government to turn this illegal operation into a legal attack against the narcos.

Speaking of paranoia, we also see the fear building up in Felix. He has a dream where he finds himself in his old house with his ex-wife in a life that he used to live. He dreams about the safety and security he had. Walking out of it, he finds himself in the cell where Kiki had been held. And then the news of Verdin’s death. The Americans are closing in on him, and perhaps he should hide like Escobar did when he felt himself at risk. However, with the current state of affairs, he can’t afford to go AWOL.

His people can’t know about what he’s done. He can’t give them another reason to believe that he is not in control anymore. He can’t give them a tool to get rid of him. He’ll just have to weather the storm. But, can he? With the second reference made to Rome, about his empire, his story has started to look more and more like that of Julius Caesar. Who’ll be his Brutus?

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