Tragic Massacre of Rhonita Miller, Christina Langford, and Dawna Langford

Rhonita Miller, Christina Langford, and Dawna Langford had organized a journey from La Mora to LeBaron, two small villages in Mexico. They were traveling with their children for various reasons and were all part of the same extended Mormon family. It wasn’t until some time later that family members noticed smoke rising from an area they were expected to pass through. Over the next few hours, the family learned that the women’s vehicle had come under attack, resulting in the deaths of the three women and six of their children. HBO Max’s ‘Massacre of the Mormons’ documents the incident from 2019, which garnered significant media attention and continues to haunt the affected family.

Rhonita Miller, Christina Langford, and Dawna Langford Were Traveling From La Mora to LeBaron

The LeBaron Mormon family has a long history dating back to the late 19th century when their ancestors settled in Mexico. They were part of a group of Mormons who migrated to Mexico to escape persecution for their religious beliefs, particularly polygamy, which was outlawed in the United States at the time. Over the years, the LeBaron family and their descendants expanded their presence in Mexico, establishing several settlements, including La Mora. Rhonita Miller, Christina Langford, and Dawna Langford, who held dual US-Mexican citizenship, were also living in the same small village.

The decision for Rhonita Miller, Christina Langford, and Dawna Langford to travel from La Mora to LeBaron in November 2019 was driven by various personal reasons. Dawna had a wedding to attend in LeBaron, so she took along her seven children, with the oldest being just 14 years old. Rhonita was traveling with four of her children to meet her husband, and Christina was planning to move to the US with her husband and wanted to visit her in-laws. She left her five children with her husband and took her baby Faith, who was still breastfeeding, with her on the journey. Despite the isolated and somewhat threatening nature of the route, which they were familiar with, the women planned to travel during the day and did not anticipate any problems.

Rhonita Miller, Christina Langford, and Dawna Langford Were Attacked on The Way

Rhonita Miller, Christina Langford, and Dawna Langford set out from their home together around 8 a.m. Christina took the lead in her car, with Rhonita and Dawna following behind in their respective vehicles. They had opted to travel together for safety reasons. However, shortly into the journey, Rhonita’s car broke down on the road. She and her children then transferred to Dawna’s vehicle, and Dawna drove them back to the house to arrange for another car for Rhonita. Meanwhile, Christina continued ahead on the road. After dropping off Rhonita, Dawna returned to the road, and Rhonita soon followed suit.

Rhonita Miller

To expedite their journey, the women decided to take a dirt road near Galeana, Chihuahua. After Rhonita had departed, some family members attempted to send her messages, as well as to the other women, but none of them were delivered. It was assumed that the lack of reception on the dirt road was causing the delay in response. However, with the vast expanse of land surrounding them, it wasn’t long before they noticed smoke rising from the mountains, roughly in the direction where the women were traveling.

In a state of panic, some of the family members immediately set out from La Mora and followed the route where they discovered Rhonita’s car engulfed in flames. Thick smoke obscured their view, making it impossible to see inside. Initially, they speculated that perhaps the engine had caught fire or that Rhonita and her children had managed to escape if they were attacked. However, once the fire was extinguished, the grim reality became apparent: Rhonita and her four children had died inside the car, consumed by the blaze. Bullet holes found in the car suggested they had been ambushed.

Dawna Langford and Kids

Growing increasingly concerned for Christina and Dawna’s safety, the family enlisted the help of local police and the Mexican army, given the area’s reputation for drug cartel activity. Moving cautiously and with trepidation, unsure of who or what they might encounter, they were relieved to spot Devin, one of Dawna’s sons, running along the dirt road. Exhausted and dehydrated, the 13-year-old recounted their harrowing experience. As they were driving, they expected to find Christina’s car at least an hour ahead of them. However, when they came across her vehicle blocking the road, it came as a surprise. Dawna attempted to exit the car.

As they attempted to assess the situation, gunfire erupted, striking Dawna. Despite her injuries, she urged the children to stay low. Soon after, men wearing black masks emerged from the bushes, brandishing guns near the children’s faces but refrained from firing before quickly departing. Devin and the other children exited the car, seeking refuge under nearby trees. Dawna and two of her children did not survive the attack. One of the siblings sustained a gunshot wound to the face, while several others sustained other injuries from the gunfire. Being the only one uninjured, Devin took it upon himself to seek help.

Christina Langford and Faith

Accompanied by Devin, the police and family searched for the children and found them near a tree, on the brink of sleep. They learned that McKenzie, wounded in the arm, had also set out to find help when Devin didn’t return promptly, fearing her younger siblings might succumb to their injuries. The children received urgent medical attention. Not far from their location, Christina’s car was discovered, with her lying nearby, fatally shot. Beneath a blanket in the backseat, they found baby Faith, miraculously alive.

Despite the baby seat sustaining four bullet wounds, Faith emerged unscathed. At the sight of people, she began whimpering and crying, signaling her need for food and comfort. Shortly thereafter, the family embarked on a search for McKenzie, discovering her walking with only one shoe, having thrown the other at a snake. She intended to walk home to La Mora. The day proved devastating for the family, with the loss of three women and six children. It was a grief that they still have not recovered from.

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