Review: Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5

With the fourth season’s fifth episode of ‘Rick and Morty’ being released today, the animated science fiction show will go into a form of hiatus. The fourth season of the show has been divided into two parts and fans will have to wait far more than a week to catch its second installment.

The episode is titled, ‘Rattlestar Ricklactica,’ an obvious spin on the science fiction series, ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ It served to be a breezy finale to the first part of the fourth season. While it was extremely entertaining, with the plot moving at breakneck pace, the show seemed to have bitten off its own tail.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5 Recap:

The episode begins with Jerry attempting to hang Christmas lights on the house’s roof. Rick offers to help Jerry automate the task, but he refuses. When Jerry falls off his ladder, Rick saves him by shooting him with a ray that makes him float. Rick has made Jerry’s atomic matrix slightly lighter than air while his shoes remain to be heavier. This makes Jerry buoyant as if he has a spring in his shoe.

Then, Rick and Morty set off on an adventure in Rick’s spaceship, but its tyre gets punctured. Rick gets out of the spaceship to fix it but warns Morty not to as “there is everything in space.” Rick’s remark serves to be hilariously iconic as we have all been taught that there is nothing in space. However, Morty obviously defies Rick’s orders and exits the spaceship.

Morty gets bitten by a space snake and kills it. Rick takes the spaceship near a snake planet to procure some anti-venom to help Morty. Rick tells Morty how the snake planet is divided into 10,000 nations on the brink of war over race. Rick procures the venom and saves Morty. Morty is unhappy that he killed a space snake explorer that might have been the snake planet’s hero- kind of like “Buzz Advil.”

Meanwhile, Jerry is having a blast with his new buoyant ability that makes him bounce and jump. He challenges a few people playing basketball but ends up losing his shoe. As a result, the only object holding him to the ground is gone and he starts to float in the air.

On the other hand, Morty is upset about killing the space snake explorer. He buys a snake from a pet store and dresses it up in space attire. Then, he steals Rick’s spaceship and drops his snake to the snake planet.

Morty’s act sets off a dangerous chain of events. Beth is worried about Jerry and convinces Rick to help her get him back home. Rick calls Jerry to offer help but he refuses since he wants to help himself on his own this time.

On the other hand, several snakes teleport into Morty’s room and start attacking. When Rick and Beth return, more snakes teleport in the garage and start attacking Rick, Beth and Morty. It is revealed that Morty’s act causes a certain Serpacorp to rise up in the future and destroy the snake planet. Then, several sequences quickly reveal the snake planet descending into chaos: there is a battle between snakes and machines, a Nazi regime and much more.

Rick and Morty then go to the snake planet in order to stop the madness. However, Rick finds out that the snakes’ time machine is still under construction and decides to finish making it himself so that he can speed up then events and resolve the snake planet issue faster. Then, Rick and Morty from the future arrive to help them. Using their help, Rick and Morty of the present are able to build a time machine for the snakes. This leads to the snakes using time travel in the future which alerts the time travel police authorities who go back in time to halt the snakes’ evolution. This saves the day.

On the other hand, Jerry manages to latch himself on to a plane. However, he ends up destroying the plane’s jet engine. But he manages to jump off in time and land on a Christmas tree. Plus, his atomic matrix returns to its original state after the effect of Rick’s ray dies down.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5 Review:

‘Rattlestar Ricklactica’ proves to be an entertaining episode, but it could have been better. The episode’s plot moved extremely fast, not allowing viewers to fully process the writers’ genius. One might argue that this has been somewhat of a staple for the show but it did not seem to be as effective for the fifth episode. Firstly, the fact that the sequences involving the snake planet did not have dialogues made it kind of less impactful. Moreover, the resolution to the episode’s conflict seemed to have been reached at too easily. The writing felt lazy despite the episode witty references. Overall, this was not the season’s best episode but thanks to the second episode, it was also not its worst.

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