Ricky Stanicky Post-Credits Scene, Explained

Prime Video’s ‘Ricky Stanicky’ starts with a lie. When three children accidentally set someone’s house on fire, they blame it on their friend, Ricky Stanicky. Only they know that Ricky does not exist, and it gives them the opportunity to go berserk and blame everything on Ricky. Years go by, and the lies pile up. The children turn into adults and hang on to Ricky. Eventually, they are forced to introduce their families to this friend that no one else has ever seen.

By the end of the film, the trio learns a lot of lessons, most of them being the courtesy of their friend, Ricky Stanicky, who isn’t so imaginary anymore. The film delivers a fun and hilarious ride, and its post-credits scene makes it even better. SPOILERS AHEAD

Summerhayes Becomes Famous on TikTok

When Dean, JT, and Wes hired Rock Hard Rod to play Ricky Stanicky, they never imagined that the actor would take his role so seriously that he would legally change his name to Ricky Stanicky. They tried to send him away, but not only did he return, but he also got a job at the same place as Dean and JT. Worse, he proved himself to be up to the task, impressing their boss immensely in a very short amount of time.

One of the problems that their firm was facing was the inability to land a very important deal. Even after all these meetings and trying every trick in the bag, the deal was still not locked. It wasn’t until Rod, aka Ricky, came around that the problem was found. It turns out that their boss, Summerhayes, had a habit of making hand gestures during his speech to make important points. Now, everyone has that habit, and everyone’s gestures are different. But Summerhayes’ gesture makes it look like he is (in the words of Ricky) air-d**king.

Ricky thinks this is why the investors have not been paying attention to their words and haven’t signed the deal yet. He wonders if he should tell Summerhayes about it. Dean and JT encourage him, believing that this will get Ricky fired. But the opposite happens. Summerhayes appreciates Ricky’s honesty and makes him the lead on the project.

During all this, Wes suggests that they should make a TikTok out of it. It is too funny not to be shared with the world. While his friends have too many things on their plate to consider the idea, Wes eventually does it. He makes a TikTok by compiling all the videos in which Summerhayes gives a speech and uses hand gestures. He uploads it on social media, and lo and behold, the video blows up. It becomes so huge that the video is played to thousands of people in what looks like a concert.

But Summerhayes is not the only one for whom things change on social media. Now that Rod has officially become Ricky and has seen the life he could lead, he decides to commit completely to the role and do all the things that Dean, JT, and Wes imagined Ricky would do. The fake social media account with random fake posts of Ricky doing good and selfless things all over the world is turned real, as the new Ricky and his friends start doing those things for real. So, instead of fake posting about it, they clean up Narragansett Bay, visit a children’s hospital, and donate Carly’s hair, which she finally chopped off. Now, Dean and his friends don’t have to lie anymore because the Ricky Stanicky they’d been hoping for all these years is made real.

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