Rita Rogers: Diana’s Psychic is Now a Bestselling Author

The first four episodes of the sixth season of ‘The Crown’ focus on the final days of Princess Diana. While the show had been exploring her story since the fourth season, a lot of things about her are revealed in the three episodes that hadn’t previously been mentioned at all. Some of these revelations might be quite surprising for people, especially when it is revealed that Princess Diana referred to a psychic medium to get advice about her personal life. It is from the Queen that the audience finds out that Diana and Dodi took his private helicopter for a surprise visit to an unnamed psychic in Derbyshire. Two weeks later, they died, which is bound to make the audience curious about the psychic.

Who is Rita Rogers?

The unnamed psychic in ‘The Crown’ is a woman named Rita Rogers. Born in Nottinghamshire, Rogers has allegedly had the ability to talk to spirits since she was four. She got it from her grandmother, who was Romany and a clairvoyant. Rogers revealed that by the age of ten, she had been through so many “spooky things” that she didn’t want to be a seer at all. Instead, she would have preferred to be a policewoman.

In one instance, Rogers said that she came home one day to tell her mother that she’d talked to their neighbor, Mr. Bingham, by the river. She received quite an earful because it turned out that Mr. Bingham had thrown himself in the river that morning and drowned. Reportedly, Rogers used her powers to help the police in 1984 to locate two soldiers who’d been lost in a snowstorm, though they were too late to save the men.

Rita Rogers and Princess Diana were introduced to each other through a mutual friend and had known each other since 1994. The princess had visited Rogers at least two times, and the psychic claimed to make some startling predictions about the royal’s life. According to Rogers, she’d predicted Diana’s romance with Dodi. She’d told Diana that she would meet a man by the name of “D” by the sea and that there was a diamond ring in the prospects.

When Diana met Dodi, she felt like Rogers’ prediction had come true. When she told Dodi about it, he was excited to meet Rogers. Allegedly, when the couple came to see her, Rogers warned Dodi that he might get into an accident. She advised him to “avoid France” and “not to change his limo driver for fear of an accident in a tunnel.” Rogers claims that she “didn’t have a very good feeling” about Diana being in Paris and had warned the princess to leave the place several hours before the terrible accident.

Where is Rita Rogers Now?

A resident of Lower Pilsley, Derbyshire, Rita Rogers is now in her 80s and has slowed down a bit, especially when it comes to being a medium. She was married to a man named Dennis, who died when Rogers was still young. They had four children together. Her psychic prowess got her quite a few celebrity clients, and she used to get heaps of letters from people who wanted to get in touch with their loved ones. She also wrote a column for a national magazine, which was also one of the places that got her letters from common people. Meanwhile, Rogers also wrote several books, like ‘Soul Mates: A Practical and Spiritual Guide’ and ‘Learning to Live Again.’

Despite being in close contact with the royal, Rita Rogers has refrained from talking about her meetings with Princess Diana. She considers the princess her friend, and talking about the intimate things they shared with each other would be a violation of her friend’s trust. Reportedly, she was offered £ 250,000 to talk about the readings she did for Diana, but Rogers refused it. According to Rogers, she can “still feel [Diana] around” and says that the princess is “happy” and “proud of her boys.”

If Rogers considered Diana a close friend, the princess also seemed to have reciprocated the emotion. Reportedly, Diana used to bring gifts for Rogers every time she visited. One time, she bought the Van Cleef and Arpels perfume ‘First’ for her psychic friend. She also gave her a 15-carat gold necklace made of linked hearts, which Rogers sold at an auction in 2012, along with a hand-written note from the Princess. It reads: “’Dearest Rita, This necklace was made for you and comes with so much love to a very special lady with an extraordinary gift. From x Diana x.’” Rogers is said to have split the proceeds with her daughters, with some part of it going as a donation to a hospice.

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