Are Rob And Jess From Below Deck Mediterranean Still Together?

Audiences have loved and binge-watched ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ since its inception in 2016 on their television screens. The show follows the interesting lives of various crew members who work and live on mega-yachts. The sizzling chemistry between Jessica and Robert became of vital interest to the show’s fans, and they got hooked to its fifth season to know all the details of their budding romance. While the couple started off on a high note, their bonding seemed to crack under external pressure instantly. But did the two manage to get past their mutual differences or let them overpower the love they felt for each other?

Rob And Jess: Below Deck Mediterranean Journey

One of the deckhands aboard The Wellington, Robert Westergaard, is famous amongst the crew members for his hard work and reticence. His quiet demeanor attracted Jess as she felt an uncontrollable urge to shell words out of him. Despite being a propagandist of “don’t screw the crew,” she fell for him at the very beginning of season 5.


She acknowledged that she has been on the lookout for someone so stable and calm as Rob. He, too, confessed having feelings for her, and the two began their hot romance on the boat. Their relationship blossomed rather quickly as they were often seen pecking at each other’s cheeks and sharing hot kisses on-camera. The couple started making holiday plans after getting off the boat. As an expression of love, Rob bought her a ticket to Bali, to follow her to her vacationing spot.

Their fans were elated to see the relationship going steady but only within a few days, they hit a rough patch. Jess went on an angry rant caused by her jealousy after she caught Rob messaging his ex-girlfriend. The viewers witnessed him flirting with Aesha Scott, a second stew, and also got to know that his cuddling Jess meant nothing more than a fling to him. Things took a turn for the worse after he failed to communicate his feelings and ended up shutting her out completely.

Are Rob And Jess Still Together?

Well, Rob And Jess are no longer together. Jess has cleared the air by telling the viewers that her journey with Rob was short-lived, and the two parted ways by the end of the season’s filming. She had imagined him to open up to her slowly but was disappointed when faced with the truth. Assuring fans that their “steamy” boatmance would be entertaining to watch, Jess has sadly confirmed that nothing has come off it. Although there is no bad blood between them, this does not mean the ex-partners are on amicable terms. There is no communication post-break-up, and they have even unfollowed each other from their respective social media accounts.

There is no communication post-break-up, and they have even unfollowed each other from their respective social media accounts. While she got smitten by his enigmatic persona, Jess admits to letting “curiosity” get the better of her. Rob is most certainly a good person with a kind heart, but their compatibility issues could not be resolved. It is unclear what went wrong between them. Still, it could be because of the tea spilled by Hannah Ferrier, the Chief Stewardess, when she disclosed intimate details about Rob’s open relationship outside of the yacht. At the moment, Jess is single and is thoroughly enjoying her own company.

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