Robert “Bob” Harrod: What Happened to Him? Has He Been Found?

At the age of 81, Robert Harrod started a new chapter in his life by reuniting with his fiancée from many decades ago and marrying her. Following their marriage, she went to collect her belongings from her home, intending to move in with Harrod in Placentia, California. However, before she could join him, Harrod mysteriously disappeared two days before her scheduled arrival. The Investigation Discovery episode ‘Disappeared,’ titled ‘Long Lost Love,’ delves into the subsequent investigation of Harrod’s disappearance, shedding light on whether he was eventually located.

Robert Harrod Got Married a Month Before His Disappearance

Robert “Bob” Harrod was born in Monrovia, California, on January 6, 1928. During his youth, he encountered Fontelle Hetter in Missouri through a blind date arranged by acquaintances. The pair formed an immediate and profound connection, leading to a swift engagement following a brief courtship. However, their plans were interrupted when Harrod enlisted in the Army to participate in the Korean War. Subsequently, the letters dried up, and they drifted apart. Following his military service, Harrod encountered another woman named Georgia, married her, and started a life with her.

The couple established their home in Monrovia, California, where they experienced a period of prosperity and blessings. Together, they raised three daughters, and Harrod found contentment in witnessing their growth and accomplishments. In 2002, the family relocated to Placentia, California. However, their happiness was eclipsed when Georgia fell seriously ill. After a prolonged battle with illness, she succumbed in 2008, plunging Harrod into a state of deep depression. His demeanor took a downturn following Georgia’s passing, as he withdrew from social interaction and remained in a perpetual state of melancholy.

Despite the passage of time, memories of Fontelle resurfaced, prompting Harrod to enlist his daughters’ help locating her. However, the search proved challenging, as they lacked information about Fontelle’s current last name due to the possibility of her having married and changed it. Through what can only be described as a stroke of luck, Fontelle found herself reminiscing about Harrod simultaneously, leading her children to find him and get her in touch with him. After tracing Harrod’s whereabouts, Fontelle traveled from Missouri to Placentia, where the pair spent weeks together, cherishing the opportunity to reconnect and make up for lost time.

They decided to formalize their rekindled relationship through marriage, and on June 29, 2009, they exchanged vows. Following the wedding, Fontelle returned to Missouri to prepare for her relocation to live with Harrod. Despite the distance, they maintained regular communication, speaking on the phone daily. However, on June 27, Fontelle attempted to reach Harrod but received no response. That morning, he had been occupied with arranging the house for her arrival, engaging in minor home renovations. He had enlisted the assistance of his son-in-law, Jeff, who interacted with him around 12:30 pm. Shortly after, Jeff left to run an errand, and upon returning, discovered that Harrod was no longer present in the house.

Harrod’s front door was found locked, and upon arrival, his housemaid and Jeff, his son-in-law, observed no signs of him inside the house. His absence was particularly concerning as his wallet and keys were missing, yet his car and reading glasses, items he typically carried, remained in the residence. As the night progressed on June 27, Jeff informed his wife of the situation, prompting her to attempt numerous calls to her father, all of which went unanswered. Growing increasingly worried, she contacted the police the following morning, urging them to conduct a welfare check on Harrod and subsequently filing a missing person report.

Robert Harrod was Legally Declared Dead in 2014

The police conducted an inquiry into Jeff, the last individual known to have seen Robert Harrod. Suspicion arose from Jeff’s prolonged search for Harrod within the residence, particularly in the upstairs area, which appeared unusual to the maid. Additionally, the police interrogated all of Harrod’s children and their spouses but found no concerning information. Moreover, there had been no activity detected on Harrod’s credit card, leading authorities to suspect potential foul play in his disappearance. Following discussions, the police learned of a close friendship between Harrod and a hairdresser named Josie, who had received substantial loans from him after the passing of Georgia Harrod.

Harrod’s children voiced suspicions about Josie’s involvement in their father’s disappearance. Subsequently, the police interrogated Josie and her husband but found no incriminating evidence. Meanwhile, tensions arose between Harrod’s daughters and Fontelle. In August 2009, Harrod’s children filed a motion seeking conservatorship of their father’s estate, valued at approximately $5 million. Allegations were made that Fontelle had married Harrod for his wealth and had been urging him to include her name on his bank accounts.

Fontelle responded by moving into Harrod’s residence, asserting her entitlement to her husband’s property. Additionally, she informed the police about a family meeting that had occurred shortly before Harrod’s disappearance. Law enforcement officials were able to verify this information and discovered that two days before Harrod’s disappearance, his daughters had confronted him regarding a trust fund in their name. The meeting became heated, with exchanges of harsh words. However, the daughters dismissed it as a typical family argument, stating that once the issue of the trust fund was resolved, the evening proceeded normally.

In 2014, Harrod was declared legally deceased, and his daughters inherited his house, resulting in Fontelle being asked to vacate the property. Subsequently, in 2019, the police arrested two individuals deemed persons of interest in Harrod’s case. However, they were later released, and limited details about these arrests were disclosed to the public. Despite understanding the slim likelihood of reuniting with him, Bob Harrod’s family continues to offer a $50,000 reward for any information about his whereabouts.

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