Loredana Nesci Murder: Where is Robert Reagan Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Death by Fame’ has covered many intriguing cases over the years surrounding the murder cases of well-known people. In the episode titled ‘Legal Diva,’ the viewers delve into the murder case of Loredana Nesci, who had gained fame due to her role in ‘Loredana, Esq,’ a reality TV series that saw her utilizing the skills she had learned during her past career as a police officer. The death of the criminal defense attorney ends up implicating Robert Reagan, who was in a relationship with the reality TV star at the time. Given just how much the case has captured the attention of the world, one cannot help but wonder just where Reagan is these days.

Who is Robert Reagan?

In 2015, Robert Reagan’s life seemed like a dream come true for those who were looking from the outside. For years, he had been in a relationship with Loredana Nesci, who had become a reality TV star following her reality TV debut on Sundance Channel through ‘Loredana, Esq.’ The couple shared a son named Rocco and were living together. However, many close to the pair later shared how things were not going very smoothly for the two for some time.

Loredana Nesci (Image Credit: Chris Ragazzo/Sundance Channel)

In fact, one of Loredana’s friends commented how things were all but over between her and Reagan, though the topic of their son’s custody after their separation remained an issue between the two. On July 22, 2015, Loredana and Reagan were seemingly involved in another argument. However, the result of this particular altercation was a fatal one. By the end of this particular fight, Loredana was on the floor, having sustained wounds from stabbing.

However, just how the wounds came to remain is something that became a huge factor in the case. Reagan claimed that it was Loredana who had picked up the knife, and while he had indeed tried to wrestle it from her, the stabbing was something that was done intentionally on his part, as she had allegedly fallen on the knife due to her own actions. Reagan added how he had tried to help his bleeding partner, including attempts and resuscitation, but nothing seemed to work. As such, he contacted the authorities around 7:20 AM, not long after Loredana had been stabbed.

Despite Reagan’s insistence that Loredana’s death was nothing but a tragic accident, the reports made by medical examiners painted a completely different story. Not only was it determined that the reality TV star had died sometime around 3 AM, but also that she had sustained four different stab wounds and had signs of trying to defend herself from being attacked. Furthermore, it was established that Reagan had asked his sister to pick up his son Rocco from their home in Redondo Beach, California, even if that meant that his sister had to travel from San Diego, California.

The repercussions of Loredana’s death were nothing short of impactful. Though many knew that the couple had been having troubles, few could believe that the conflict would lead to death. A pressing theory presented behind Reagan’s motive behind the murder was that he wanted to avoid a messy custody battle involving his son, Rocco, should he and Loredana have been able to split. Many of Loredana’s family members wanted justice for her, refusing to believe that it had all been an accident, as Reagan had claimed in his testimony.

Robert Reagan is Now in Prison

Despite Rober Reagan’s insistence that he had not been responsible for Loredena Nesci’s death, his heavy involvement in the case meant that he did have to go to trial. He had been arrested after the discovery of Loredana’s body and had to await his trial. It was in August 2017 that the legal proceedings surrounding the case of Loredana’s murder began, with Reagan as the prime suspect. The prosecution claimed that since Reagan had already lost about $100,000 during his past divorce, as well as the custody battle of his two sons about 11 years before, he might have decided to go the murder route to avoid another bitter custody drama.

Image Credit: Chris Ragazzo/Sundance Channel

Even when presented with the fact that he had not contacted the authorities for hours after Loredana’s death, Reagan claimed it was so he could ensure that his son Rocco did not have to see his mother that way. Though this does contradict some of his previously given statements, Reagan remained firm about his innocence in the whole situation, claiming that he admired Loredana and had no reason to see her dead. However, many close to the victim were not shy about voicing how badly they thought of the man whom they considered responsible for her death.

On August 25, 2017, Robert Reagan was found guilty of second-degree murder pertaining to the death of Loredana Nesci. His sentencing took place on September 19, 2017, where he was rewarded a minimum of 16 years in prison, with the possibility of the term stretching to life. Even then, Reagan remained firm about the fact that he had not murdered Loredana. As of writing, Reagan is serving his sentence as an inmate at the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad, California. His first tentative parole suitability hearing is scheduled for June 2027.

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