Roberto “Bobby” François: Andes Plane Crash Survivor Now Operates a Ranch

If there is one thing that Netflix’s ‘Society of the Snow,’ AKA ‘La Sociedad de la Nieve,’ makes one wonder without any doubt, it’s the ultimate fate of its survivors. The sheer determination showcased by the survivors is nothing if not praiseworthy. Consider Roberto “Bobby” François, who boarded Flight 571 without any idea what lay ahead of him. However, he remained steady in the face of high adversities and tragic losses and returned home. Now, the world wants to know what he has been up to since then.

Who is Roberto “Bobby” François?

Bobby François’ presence on the Uruguayan plane that crashed in the Andes on October 13, 1972, was related to his connection to the Old Christians Club rugby union team. Specifically, he was best friend to Roberto Canessa, one of the most celebrated names among the 16 survivors who made it through the harrowing experience. After the plane had crashed and the survivors were trying to make sense of what was going on, Bobby had apparently not been very hopeful.

In his book, ‘I Had to Survive: How a Plane Crash in the Andes Inspired My Calling to Save Lives,’ Canessa recalled how he had seen Bobby sitting down and shaking his head in disbelief, claiming that they were “doomed.” However, Bobby’s initial prediction was not entirely accurate, even though not all of those who were alive at that point in time made it through to return home. That said, Nando Parrado and Canessa’s heroic trek through the Andes did allow for the final survivors to make it out alive, including Bobby, who was rescued on December 23, 1972.

Where is Roberto “Bobby” François Today?

Unlike most of his fellow survivors, Bobby François chose to remain away from the limelight and has stuck to the same. The Uruguayan man has remained reluctant to share his experience from the very start, and while many who shared a similar sentiment have since chosen to be more public about it, Bobby is not among them. That said, he seems to have still remained close to his fellow survivors, who have shared sparse updates on his life over the years.

Due to his time in the Andes following the plane crash, Bobby almost lost the use of one eye but seemingly made a recovery. At the age of 25, he was married to Graciana Manini and is now a father to Roberto, Federico, Sofía, Josefina, Milagros, and Diego. Bobby has a ranch belonging to his family which he runs as an agricultural technician. As perhaps one of the most private people among the survivors, Bobby has rarely spoken publically about his life before, during, and after the Andes. While it does seem like he mourned the loss of the deaths of Javier Methol and José “Coche” Luis Inciarte, he remains happy to live a private life.

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