Roland Hannigan: Squid Game Player 418 is Now a Parkour Coach

Image Credit: Tom Dymond/Netflix

In a competition like Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ it is hard to predict just what kind of gameplay might help you progress further. Given that the series is based on ‘Squid Game,’ the idea that everything will be a result of a fair course of action is highly skeptical. However, that did not stop many of the players from trying their best to level the field. While a contestant’s first and foremost priority is always to look out for themselves, some did try to maintain the peace as much as possible.

Consider Roland Hannigan, AKA Player 418, whose performance in the show was certainly impressive. While the contestant was able to make crucial alliances throughout the show, he did manage to avoid painting a target on his back, something that is certainly a tightrope to walk. While Roland was ever determined to give his all in every challenge, he seemed quite hesitant about doing so by dooming someone else’s chances.

As such, it hardly surprised many that even during the last stages of season 1 of the competition, Roland was more than happy to work alongside any ideas that seemed fair for everyone. At the point when some people were certainly not averse to doing what they could to come to the top, Roland did not hesitate to encourage others not to lose their sense of camaraderie in order to find the most peaceful and fair solutions to the presented problems. Given his impressive performance, the world cannot help but wonder where the reality TV star is these days.

Where is Roland Hannigan Now?

Roland Hannigan made his entry into the Netflix show at the age of 23 as Player 418, having flown to London, England’ to take part in the challenge. Following the release of the iconic show, he was more than happy to share his excitement about it all, calling it all a “blast.” Proud of his extroverted nature, Roland seems to find it easy to make friends no matter the situation. This is something we certainly got to see in the show when he was able to progress ahead thanks to the friends he had been able to make in the competition where few could be trusted.

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Roland is a man with an athletic spirit. Not only is he an amazing parkour artist, but he has even taken up the role of a trainer in the art. As of writing, he is affiliated with World Chase Tag’s Team Ollo and is always eager to show off his skills. He is also affiliated with MOTIVE School Of Movement as a Coach and is more than happy to pass on his knowledge to others. Among his many capabilities, Roland particularly seems proud of the fact that he can backflip off from a unicycle.

Thanks to the world of the internet, Rolan is easily able to share his feats on social media with his fans. His YouTube channel at present has nearly 1.5K subscribers, along with over 30K followers on Instagram. The reality TV star often takes part in events like the World Chase Tag and is often praised for his speed, especially when it comes to tagging the members of the other team. His other interests include activities like tubing and indulging in delicious pasta.

Often, Roland can be found in the company of his friends, whom he seems to cherish a lot. When it comes to supporting his close ones, he always seems eager to express his positive opinion. As such, it is hardly a wonder that many of Roland’s friends were highly excited to see him take part in the Netflix series. Given his impressive run on the show, it is easy to say that Roland made use of both his social and physical skills to the best of his abilities. He also seems to have remained good friends with fellow players like Trey Plutnicki (Player 301) and LeAnn Wilcox Plutnicki (Player 302).

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