Preview: Room 104 Season 4 Episode 10

The latest episode of ‘Room 104’, titled, ‘The Last Man’, must have left you with a headache. You might be thinking after watching the story – what exactly happened? Yes, the experimental format is weird, no doubt. But maybe, if you watch it again, you will get the message the episode tries to send across. Or you can check out our recap section and its breakdown. We have outlined the details of episode 9 in our recap section. But before that, here is a brief synopsis of the upcoming episode.

Room 104 Season 4 Episode 10 Release Date:

‘Room 104’ season 4 episode 10 will premiere on September 25, 2020, at 11 pm ET/ 10 pm CT on HBO.

Room 104 Season 4 Episode 10 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘The Night Babby Died’, written by Jenée LaMarque and Julian Wass and directed by LaMarque. As outlined by HBO, here is its official synopsis: “When childhood best friends Bruce and Abby meet for the first time in decades, Bruce hatches an eccentric plan to resurrect their friendship that reopens old wounds.” It stars Leonardo Nam and Lily Gladstone in the lead roles.

Where to Stream Room 104 Season 4 Episode 10 Online?

‘Room 104’ airs on HBO. It will release new episodes at the above time slot every Friday night and will wrap up with its 12th episode on October 9, 2020. So tune in to the channel each week at 11 pm ET and catch the latest episodes on tv. All you will need is an active cable connection. Otherwise, with a cable subscriber id, you can also head to HBO’s official site and catch the season online. You have the option to stream ‘Room 104’ with your HBO subscription on HBO Max. HBO Go, and HBO Now. No cable? Well, there are several options for cord cutters as well. One of the most popular live-streaming, cable-free platforms is DirecTV. Otherwise, episodes are also available on Hulu and can be rented on Amazon Prime Video.

Room 104 Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 opens with the door to Room 104 apparently leading to a desert landscape. The next scene immediately shifts to Kyran who talks about his dream to be the first man. Within a few minutes, the tone of the story changes. Kyran starts questioning the meaning of his existence and even considers the option of suicide in Room 104. We are introduced to Durkon, the man with whom Kyran had been involved in a millennia-long battle. But Durkon and Kyran are actually brothers, and Granada (his mum) is their mother. The siblings realize that rather than fighting each other, they should bring their swords together to result in a flash of light.

The story essentially explains how it is necessary to overcome years of hatred in order to finally find peace. And there is also this generic message from the episode. Humans have been fighting for years, for reasons they hardly recall anymore. But no one realizes that this can stop if they unite with a common goal of defeating evil and realizing that we are all the products of nature.

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