Rosalio Gutierrez Murder: Where is Zachariah Anderson Now?

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The oft-cited notion that crimes stem from motives of either love or money finds resonance in the murder of Rosalio Gutierrez, with Zachariah Anderson at the heart of the crime. Anderson, the convicted perpetrator, was the ex-boyfriend of Gutierrez’s girlfriend. Gutierrez was loved by his family and was considered to be a loving and caring man and his death brought incomparable loss to those who knew him. The case takes center stage in ‘Killer Cases: The Boyfriend,’ and the episode examines the circumstances that led Anderson to commit such a crime and what finally led to his conviction.

How Did Rosalio Gutierrez Die?

Rosalio Gutierrez, born on April 10, 1980, was a father of two, affectionately referred to as Pocho by his mother. By 2020, he resided in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and had entered into a relationship with Sadie Beacham, whom he had met online sometime after February 2020. A University of Wisconsin-Parkside graduate with a specialization in Criminal Justice and Sociology, Rosalio was cherished as the best friend to many, an exceptional son, and a devoted father.

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Gutierrez, aged 40, was last known to be in contact on May 17, 2020. He had not contacted any of his friends or family. His two daughters, whom he frequently contacted, had not heard from him either. He had not used his credit cards and his co-workers reported that he had not been to work. Concerned when Beacham also hadn’t heard from him in approximately two days, she visited his residence. To her shock, she discovered an open patio door, a disordered house with evident bloodstains and missing items such as a rug. Distressed, she promptly contacted the police, urging them to conduct a welfare check. The initial investigators at the scene uncovered substantial amounts of blood and indications of a struggle within the residence. Without hesitation, Beacham conveyed her suspicion to the investigators that Anderson might be involved in the situation.

Who Killed Rosalio Gutierrez?

Zachariah Anderson and Sadie Beacham were in a committed relationship for an extended period but their relationship came to an end in February 2020. However, following the breakup, Anderson struggled to cope and displayed signs of obsession towards Beacham. Anderson and Beacham shared three children, and Anderson, particularly with their 15-year-old daughter, frequently encouraged her to spy on her mother. He instructed her to record Beacham during moments of stress. Beacham discovered a burner phone beneath their other daughter’s car seat, apparently intended to track her movements.

During court proceedings, Anderson’s 12-year-old daughter testified that her father frequently brought up Gutierrez in conversations and asked about him. She recounted an incident where Anderson took her to observe Beacham and Gutierrez through a window. Seizing an opportunity, Anderson went through Gutierrez’s car, taking pictures of the license plate and registration. Subsequently, Anderson rang the doorbell at Beacham’s residence and hastily fled the scene.

Upon investigating Anderson, the police discovered some compelling evidence. The morning after Gutierrez was last seen alive, CCTV footage captured Anderson at Walmart purchasing large garbage bags, latex gloves, and bleach wipes. A search warrant was executed at both his residential and farmhouse, revealing a burn pit. Inside the pit, remnants of a bleach bottle and shreds of Anderson’s clothing were found. DNA testing further revealed that Gutierrez’s DNA was present in Anderson’s van. Portions of the van carpet had been removed, and the remaining sections had been meticulously cleaned with bleach. Additionally, two cans of opened but untouched sardines were discovered in the front seat. Forensic evidence suggested that Gutierrez had been killed somewhere between 9:06 p.m. and 9:37 p.m. on May 17, 2020.

Upon examining Anderson’s laptop, investigators uncovered a file titled “Rosalio Gutierrez Jr,” housing an assortment of materials. This included photographs of Gutierrez, screenshots featuring information extracted from online court records, snapshots of his business details, and electronic maps pinpointing his residence and home address. Additionally, another burn pit located at Anderson’s farmhouse yielded remnants of a shirt frequently worn by Gutierrez. The large amount of evidence against Anderson led to his arrest on May 21, 2020, on two counts of stalking.

Where is Zachariah Anderson Now?

Following the construction of a case against Anderson, he faced charges of murder and concealing a corpse in December. Opting to plead not guilty to all charges, his trial commenced in March 2023. Prosecutors contended that on the evening of May 17, 2020, Anderson visited Gutierrez’s residence and fatally attacked him with blunt force, resulting in immediate death. The prosecution asserted that Anderson’s motives were rooted in jealousy towards both Gutierrez and his former girlfriend, Beacham.

Anderson’s 15-year-old daughter took the stand during the trial, providing crucial testimony about the stalking and spying activities her father had instructed her to undertake. She disclosed that her father had explicitly informed her about following Gutierrez and monitoring his actions. She said, “He said something about showing him who the man was, and I didn’t quite understand, but you kind of caught onto things that my dad was referring to or was implying. My dad said to me, he said ‘I may just watch him or follow him to his house one time just for the fun of it.’ Those were his exact words to me.” During her statement, reports indicated that Anderson was observed signaling to his daughter from the stands, allegedly prompting the prosecutors to accuse him of attempting to influence or silence her testimony.

On March 22, 2023, Anderson was convicted of all four charges by the Kenosha County Circuit Court. The court sentenced him to life for first-degree intentional homicide, with the possibility of extended supervision after 40 years. Anderson also received a four-year prison term for two counts of stalking and an additional six years for hiding a corpse. Despite his conviction, Anderson continues to assert his innocence and has not disclosed the location of Gutierrez’s body. This verdict ensures that Anderson, aged 42, will likely be in his 90s before he becomes eligible for parole.

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