Rosemond Dane and Anthony Veader: Where are Carnegie Deli Survivors Now?

In 2001, the famous Carnegie Deli of Manhattan grabbed headlines for the wrong reasons as Jennifer Stahl and her four friends were found shot in the head in an apartment right above the iconic eatery. However, not all five of them met their demise. The two lucky ones who survived were Rosemond Dane and Anthony Veader. Apart from covering the case of Jennifer Stahl, the episode titled ‘Carnegie Deli Massacre’ of Netflix’s ‘Homicide: New York’ also features interviews with one of the survivors, who talks about the entire carnage in detail.

Rosemond Dane and Anthony Veader Barely Survived the Carnegie Deli Massacre

From Saint John of the Virgin Islands, 37-year-old Rosemond Dane traveled all the way to New York City to attend a wedding along with her to-be husband Charles “Trey” Helliwell. Since her friend Jennifer Stahl lived in the city, the couple had decided to stay overnight with her. Meanwhile, Anthony Veader, a 37-year-old Manhattan-based hairdresser for film and television at the time, was visiting Jennifer to cut her hair and also purchase marijuana. It was a regular day at Jennifer’s Carnegie Deli apartment on May 10, 2001, as she was hanging out with four of her friends —Rosemond, Anthony, Stephen King, and Charles “Trey” Helliwell.

Things took a horrific turn when Sean Salley was buzzed into the apartment. Sean was accompanied by Andre “Dre” Smith, and the two pulled out their firearms, announcing that they were going to rob them. Panic-struck, Rosemond’s first instinct was to try and escape, but she was pulled back by one of the men into the living room. Right before her hands were tied, she contemplated making a run for the front door again, but Sean told her, “Don’t even think about going there.” In a desperate attempt to make the killers sympathize, the East Carolina University graduate even claimed to be pregnant, which was a lie.

Rosemond heard three gunshots before it was her turn, but when she felt a gun on the back of her head, she tried to look at the face of the killer. While she threw her head to the side, the trigger was pulled, and she was shot. Fortunately for her, she was awakened by the slamming of a door and realized that she escaped death. Immediately, she rushed to the others and found Anthony, free from his restraints, dialing 911. After that, she sat beside her lover’s lifeless body and lamented. Just like Rosemond, Anthony had also made a sudden movement at the time he was getting shot, which made the bullet merely graze his head.

After calling 911, he also called his partner and told him he loved him because he was unsure about his survival. As soon as the police reached the crime scene, Rosemond, Anthony, and Jennifer were rushed to a nearby hospital, but Jennifer ended up succumbing to her fatal injuries. When the killers were caught and put on trial, both the survivors had some things to say to the court. Rosemond stated, “I’m here today strong enough to fight back…but they had no mercy.” On the other hand, Anthony explained what it felt like, to get shot in the head. He addressed the court, saying, “It felt like an IV bag, filled with liquid, was being forced through my head. And just blood everywhere. Just all around my face.”

Rosemond Dane Now Works as a Program Manager, While Anthony Veader is Still a Hairstylist in Hollywood

Post giving their statements after Sean Salley and Andre Smith’s trial, Rosemond Dane and Anthony Veader embarked on a new lease on life. In August 2008, Rosemond wrapped up her wholesale and retail business named Silver Lining Co. after 17 years. In April of the following year, she secured the position of Program Coordinator at UCP WORK Inc. She also decided to resume her education by enrolling in Santa Barbara City College in 2010, where she obtained her Associate of Science degree in the subject of Health Information/Medical Records Administration/Administrator in 2013.

Image Credit: Rosemond Dane/LinkedIn

In 2015, after over six years at UCP WORK Inc., Rosemond switched jobs and became the Office Administrator at Vacation Vistas LTD. She indulged in another education pursuit by taking a one-year Accounting and Business/Management course at the University of the Virgin Islands in 2020. After more than four years of catering to the Customer Service and Reservation Management needs at Vacation Vistas LTD, Rosemond left the organization in January 2020 and secured the position of Property Manager at People’s Self Help Housing Corp. in June. Since December 2020, the Santa Barbara, California resident has worked as the Program Manager at Momentum WORK, Inc.

On the other hand, Anthony Veader has made quite a name for himself as a hairstylist in the entertainment world. Over the years, the seasoned professional has enhanced the appearance of several actors, and correspondingly, many iconic characters in the film and TV world. He got his big break in 2004 when he was roped in to serve as a key hairstylist on ‘The Sopranos.’ Some of the popular titles wherein his excellent styling skills can be observed are ’27 Dresses,’ ‘Cashmere Mafia,’ ‘Make It or Break It,’ ‘The Newsroom,’ ‘No Strings Attached,’ ‘Chuck,’ ‘Community.’

Anthony has also served as a stylist on ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ ‘Stalker,’ ‘Agent X,’ ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ ‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,’ ‘The Nice Guys,’ ‘Law & Order True Crime,’ ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen.’ In 2023, he was roped in as an additional hairstylist for ‘Air.’ Around June of the same year, he was hit with a medical emergency, but he has since recovered. From what we can tell, he has moved on from the horrifying ordeal and has been residing in Los Angeles, California.

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