Ross Reisner Murder: Where is Brett Knight Now?

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Ross Reisner was at home with his longtime partner, Kevin Murray, when they heard gunfire directed at their house. Tragically, one of the bullets struck Ross, resulting in his death, while another grazed Kevin’s arms. Ross had been a respected member of the Long Island community, known for his work in equestrianism. The revelation by the police that the shooting was deliberate and his death was a homicide came as a profound shock to everyone involved. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fatal Eviction’ meticulously recounts the police investigation that led to the apprehension of the perpetrator and the subsequent uncovering of the perpetrator’s motives.

Ross Reisner Was Shot Inside His House

Ross Reisner, born on February 6, 1963, was raised in Long Island, New York, alongside three brothers. From a young age, he demonstrated intelligence and sharpness, with a particular passion for horses that his parents fostered. Recognizing his exceptional talent, Ross began training as an equitation rider at Glenview Stables in Hauppauge, eventually pursuing a career as a trainer himself. He was known among his friends as someone who could brighten any room with his humor, and he always had a joke that brought laughter to everyone present.

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Teaming up with his childhood friend Bobby Ginsberg, Ross Reisner co-founded Maple Lane Farm in Mattituck, New York, where they quickly attracted a steady stream of clients. His genuine passion and keen interest in riding endeared him to people, establishing his reputation as a successful equestrian in Long Island. His skills led him to qualify for the $500,000 HITS Hunter Prix finals, taking him to various locations nationwide for shows. In addition to his professional success, Ross found love with Kevin Murray, and the couple settled into a home in Setauket, Suffolk County, New York.

On September 24, 2013, while Ross and Kevin were at home, bullets suddenly pierced through their kitchen window. Ross was seated on the living room couch when one of the bullets struck him, while another grazed Kevin’s arm. In response to the gunfire, a 911 call was made, and Ross was swiftly transported to the hospital. Tragically, he succumbed to his injuries. Upon investigation, the police determined that he had been shot with a high-caliber gun by an individual concealed behind the bushes near their house, indicating a targeted attack. Subsequently, a homicide investigation was initiated to uncover the perpetrator.

Ross Reisner Was Killed By a Friend

Family and friends of Ross Reisner and Kevin Murray informed the police about a rift between the couple and their friend, Brett Knight, leading authorities to consider him a potential suspect in the attack. Utilizing surveillance footage, witness interviews, and tracking Knight’s movements, the police conducted a thorough investigation to gather evidence. Ultimately, their efforts paid off as they uncovered conclusive proof that Knight had discharged 11 shots into the house before fleeing the scene, cementing his status as the primary suspect in the case. Knight, who had forged a friendship with Kevin and Ross in the early 1990s, had a longstanding bond with the couple.

In 2009, Knight experienced an unexpected setback when he was terminated from his position at American Express after 18 years of service. While the company cited company-wide downsizing as the reason for his dismissal, Knight felt a deep sense of injustice and sought support from Ross and Kevin. He requested to stay with them temporarily while he arranged for alternative accommodation and concurrently initiated legal action against American Express, filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against the firm. Knight claimed that American Express had terminated him due to his HIV-positive status, accusing the company of discrimination.

However, Kevin and Ross were aware of the falsity of these claims and remained steadfast in their support of the company’s stance. Despite Knight’s ability to settle the lawsuit outside of court, his resentment towards Ross and Kevin for their cooperation with the company continued to escalate. Matters reached a breaking point in 2010 when, following escalating tensions, Kevin was allegedly assaulted by Knight, leading to their decision to evict him from their home. The police found out that Knight had started harassing the couple via messages. On one occasion, he sent a box containing a dead pigeon and a Bible passage referencing punishment for wrongdoers.

In another instance, Knight sent a Bible verse alluding to seeking vengeance for wrongdoing. Although these actions caused distress to the couple, they chose not to report them to the police, believing they were relatively harmless. After an extensive search, Knight was located in Knoxville, Tennessee, several weeks later. The police assert that they apprehended him in possession of two .40 caliber pistols, one of which he purportedly used to fire at the couple through their kitchen window. Following his arrest, Knight was extradited to New York to stand trial for his alleged crimes.

Brett Knight is Currently Held in Prison

In December 2014, Brett Knight pleaded guilty to a range of charges, including second-degree murder, second-degree attempted murder, second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, and three counts of aggravated harassment. Knight confessed that he felt betrayed by the couple and sought revenge by intending to kill them. As a result, he received a sentence with a minimum term of 22 years and a maximum term of life imprisonment. Currently 56 years old, Knight is incarcerated at the Elmira Correctional Facility in New York, with his earliest projected release date set for June 2035.

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