Rupert Finch: Where is Kate Middleton’s Ex-Boyfriend Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ focuses on the intimate details of the lives of the members of the royal family. The second half of the sixth season opens the floor for Kate and William’s relationship, tracing the steps they took before they wound up with each other. The seventh episode dives into the blossoming romance between them, but timing turns out to be a problem. When Kate is single, William is with Lola. And by the time William and Lola break up, Kate is in a relationship with a guy named Rupert Finch. Who is he, and is he still in touch with the royal couple?

Who is Rupert Finch?

Hailing from Fakenham, Norfolk, Rupert is the eldest child of John and Prudence Finch. His father worked on the land that was owned by Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer. His mother organized equestrian outings there. Rupert, however, turned towards law to pursue a career. He was a student in Ampleforth School and later in St. Andrews. After this, he went to the University of Guilford Law from where he graduated with flying colors. Apart from academics, he was also active in extracurricular activities. He was a member of the University Cricket Squad and served as the team’s tour manager when they went to South Africa in 2002.

Rupert was one of the popular guys in school and soon caught the eye of Kate, who was 19 years old and an undergraduate in History of Art at St. Andrews. At that time, he was 22. They dated each other for about a year in 2001. Around the time that they broke up, Kate had already met William, and something had started to stir between the two.

Kate Middleton’s Ex-Boyfriend is Now a Successful Lawyer

Rupert Finch currently lives and works in London as the general counsel for Williams Advanced Engineering, a company dedicated to developing green technologies. Before this, he was an in-house lawyer for eleven years at Johnson Matthey, another company that works in sustainable tech.

After breaking up with Kate, Rupert soon found love with Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs, the Marquess of Reading. The couple were married in 2013 at Saint John the Baptist Church in Cirencester. They have three children- Georgia, Cienna, and India Grace, the youngest of whom was born in 2020.

While Rupert and Kate might be each other’s exes, there is no animosity or ill will between the two. In fact, he and his wife, Lady Natasha, are good friends with Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple was even invited to the royal wedding in 2011, and the Princes and Princess of Wales were present at the wedding of Rupert and Lady Natasha as well. In fact, their friendship extends a bit farther than that.

Lady Natasha is the co-founder (along with Lavinia Brennan) of Beulah London, an ethical cloning brand that was established in 2010. One of the people to regularly wears clothes of this label is Kate Middleton. In fact, it has been labeled her “go-to” brand. Her wearing their clothes was a great boost for the brand, which reported a huge spike in sales when the princess first showed up in a dress made by them and has made it her label of choice since.

Apart from William and Kate, Rupert and Lady Natasha are also known to be friends with other members of the royal family, like Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank. Clearly, Rupert and Kate have maintained their friendship firmly over the years and have not allowed the drama of their history together to impact their friendship and other relationships.

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