Sabion Kubitza and Jacob Ybarra Murder: Where is Zamar Kirven Now?

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In April 2021, the tranquility of the small Central Texas town of Mart was disrupted when two young boys, Jacob Ybarra and Sabion Kubitza, were shot in the middle of the night in their own home. This shocking crime left the tight-knit community in disbelief, as such violence was unprecedented in their town. Adding to the surprise, another boy from the same community was eventually found guilty of the double homicide. In ‘See No Evil: The Big Guy,’ the investigation delves into the motives behind Kirven’s actions and explores the details leading to his conviction for this crime.

Sabion Kubitza and Jacob Ybarra Were Sleeping When They Were Shot

Sabion Ramone Kubitza, born on August 15, 1998, in Waco, attended Hallsburg schools until sixth grade and later graduated from Riesel High School in 2017. A spirited and athletic individual, his passion for football led him to secure a scholarship at UMHB. By 2021, he was employed at A&G Irrigation, showcasing his dedication to both sports and work.

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Jacob D’Shaun Ybarra, a native of Mart, born on May 18, 2000, attended Head Start until the age of 7, after which he moved to V. It was during his time in V that his passion for football began to flourish. Upon returning to Mart, he actively engaged in playing football, eventually becoming a member of the school team.

Jacob//Image Credit: Lake Shore Funeral Home

In 2017, both the young men played for Mart’s 2017 Class 2A state championship football team. On April 18, 2021, they were present in a house near downtown Mart. At about 2 in the night, 20-year-old Sabion and 22-year-old Jacob were shot with a .45 caliber gun while they were sleeping. They immediately succumbed to their injuries, and due to the tranquility of the town and the time of the night, several people heard the shots. The police were called immediately, and an investigation began.

The Killer Had Left Bloody Footprints at the Scene of the Crime

Shatydrick Bailey, one of the witnesses, mentioned that he had gone to a store and returned upon hearing the gunshots. He said that when he returned, he found a man whom he knew and identified him as Zamar Kirven. The latter was a native of Mart, Texas, and was a well-liked individual from an early age. His athletic prowess became evident when he joined Mart High School, particularly excelling in football. The townsfolk held high expectations, anticipating that Kirven would not only bring success to himself but also earn respect and fame for the town through his football career. His classmates even voted him “most likely to become famous” in their yearbook.

In December 2017, Zamar Kirven secured a football scholarship with the University of Houston, marking a significant achievement. He had played alongside Sabion Kubitza and Jacob Ybarrain in the 2017 state championship and knew them closely. Following his high school graduation in 2018, Kirven enrolled at the University, where he initially served as a backup linebacker, participating in nine games. However, his college journey encountered challenges, leading to his dismissal from the team in 2020 due to a violation of team rules.

In 2019, he had been arrested on the charges of carrying a gun without a license and was not doing very well academically. Subsequently, it was announced that he would be placed in the transfer portal, and by 2020, he came back to Mart. He remained somewhat withdrawn, keeping to himself and not engaging much with others. It appeared that Kirven was undergoing a challenging period in his life and required some respite.

As the police talked to more people, they found the renter of the house, who reported that Kirven entered his room also with a gun. He said that Kirven confessed to being high and having shot two people. A brief scuffle ensued, and the renter managed to disarm Kirven. The police discovered footprints in the house, determining that the prints were from someone not wearing shoes. They traced Kirven’s movements to his father’s house after the incident. D’Angelo Rhodes, Kirven’s father, was interviewed by the police and revealed that his son had approached him, claiming that someone was trying to kill him. The police successfully located Kirven.

Kirven was discovered with blood splatter on his pants and dried blood on his socks. During police questioning, he expressed feeling as if he were in a nightmare and admitted that he might have killed somebody. Although the police did not immediately disclose the motive for the crime, they strongly suspected that drugs were somehow involved in the case.

Kirven Zamar is Serving a Life Sentence Today

With an abundance of compelling evidence and strong witness testimonies against Zamar Kirven, the prosecution had a straightforward case. A grand jury found him guilty of the double homicide, and he received a sentence without the possibility of parole. Kirven, now 24 years old, is serving his time at the TDCJ Polunsky Unit in West Livingston, Texas. While eligible for visitation, he will spend the remainder of his life confined and won’t experience freedom again.

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