Sabrina Cowley: The Stalking Survivor is Now a Pole Dance Instructor

Netflix’s documentary, ‘Can I Tell You A Secret?’ exposes the story of Matthew Hardy, a notorious cyberstalker in the UK. The film explores the extensive period during which he subjected numerous women to relentless harassment, causing profound damage to their lives. The survivors courageously recount their encounters and the significant sense of closure they experienced when Hardy was ultimately held accountable. Sabrina Cowley, among them, shares her ordeal of enduring constant invasive and threatening actions from Hardy, impacting not only her life but also the lives of her loved ones.

Who is Sabrina Cowley?

In 2015, Sabrina Cowley initially encountered Matthew Hardy when she visited a friend whose husband happened to be Hardy’s nephew. During their brief initial conversation, nothing noteworthy about Hardy caught her attention. However, a few hours later, she began receiving numerous texts on her Facebook account. To her surprise, these messages accused her of having an affair with her friend’s husband, whom she had just visited. Despite her attempts to clarify and deny the allegations, the person on the other end remained adamant.

During that period, Sabrina, a mother of two and a pole dancing instructor, attempted to brush off the incoming messages, hoping that the situation would resolve itself. Unfortunately, the harassment only intensified. Messages started pouring in from a variety of accounts, some even impersonating her friends and family through fake profiles. The accusations became increasingly malicious, extending to allegations of affairs and sexual involvement with different individuals, including her late mother’s ex-partner. This onslaught of false accusations left Sabrina feeling repulsed and disheartened.

Fake profiles impersonating Sabrina emerged, and the scale of the deception became increasingly alarming. False information and slander about her proliferated rapidly, making it challenging for her to keep up or monitor the extent of the damage. In 2018, despite the joy of welcoming another daughter, the happiness in her life was overshadowed by the persistent stalking. The turmoil also strained her marriage. It wasn’t until 2019, when PC Kevin Anderson initiated an investigation into the case, that Sabrina began to feel a glimmer of hope.

Where is Sabrina Cowley Now?

In Anderson’s quest for a breakthrough in the case, a turning point occurred through Sabrina’s efforts. One day, a friend reached out to her, revealing that someone who had created a fake profile in their name had accidentally gone live on Instagram. In the initial moments of the video, a snippet of the perpetrator’s face was visible. Sabrina swiftly identified the person as Hardy and promptly informed PC Kevin Anderson. Despite being confronted by her about her knowledge of his identity, Hardy persisted in his malicious activities and showed no signs of stopping.

Despite the relief of Hardy being incarcerated, Sabrina faced another challenge in November 2022 when Simon Rowland confessed to harassing her, albeit without physical violence. Over several months, he had made inappropriate comments about her attire and her profession and had lewdly invited her to his hotel room. Rowland received a community order and a 12-month restraining order as a consequence of his actions.

Undeterred, Sabrina continued to rebuild her life and pursue her successful career as a pole dance instructor. She remained steadfast in her commitment to celebrating women’s bodies and their freedom, using her platform to advocate for empowerment. As a resilient single mother of three, she emerged as a symbol of strength, embodying the positive aspects worth celebrating about women. Her unwavering stance against harassment and her dedication to her principles make her an inspirational figure in the face of adversity.

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