Saint X Episode 6 Recap: Loose Threads of the Past

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With only one episode left before its finale, Hulu’s ‘Saint X’ unravels several secrets in its sixth episode. The show follows the story of Claire, aka Emily, who becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her sister, Alison, twenty years ago. The story goes back and forth in time, with Emily chasing her sister’s murder suspect in the present and the past showing us all the things that were at play during the short vacation that ended with Alison’s death. In this episode, titled ‘Loose Threads of the Past,’ tension rises as people around Emily question her sanity while she falls deeper into its spiral. Here’s everything that happened in this episode and what it means for Emily and Alison. SPOILERS AHEAD

Saint X Episode 6 Recap

Image Credit: Palmoa Alegria/Hulu

Six months after Alison’s death, her father is still at it, trying to find out what happened to his daughter. He is always on the phone, with one official or another, trying to stir the cops into digging into the case and catching the culprit. Alison’s mother, meanwhile, realizes that having drowned in their sorrows, they are forgetting that they have another daughter they need to take care of. She knows they must let go of Alison and figure things out between them. So, Claire sent to Paris with her aunt. When she returns, she notices that her parents have changed. They reveal that they are moving from New York to California to have a fresh start. This is when Claire decides to start going by her middle name, Emily.

In the present, Emily is trying to figure out a way to find out what’s in the letter Edwin wrote to Clive. Even though she has lost her job, she is not very concerned about it. Neither does she regret the impact her actions had on her friend, Sunita, who was also fired because of Emily. After trying to find ways to get inside Clive’s apartment, Emily succeeds but does not find the letter. Meanwhile, Josh wonders if Emily is cheating on him with Clive. When she doesn’t tell him the truth, he reaches out to Sunita to find out what’s going on with his girlfriend.

At Indigo Bay, Des is disturbed by the conversation he overheard between Edwin and Sarah. He is angry at Edwin for betraying Gogo. He confronts Edwin about it, but the latter acts as if he has no idea what Des is talking about. Later, we see him at Sarah’s, asking her for an explanation. Meanwhile, Edwin fools around with Alison and entices her into exploring the island and getting an authentic experience of the locale on the last night of her vacation.

Saint X Episode 6 Ending: Is Edwin Gay or Bisexual?

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Before ‘Saint X’ finally reveals what happened to Alison Thomas, it focuses on confrontations in its sixth episode. The letter that Clive received in the previous episode forces him to look back and acknowledge Edwin, with whom he’d cut off ties ever since Alison’s death. The exact reason behind the break-up hasn’t been revealed yet, but we have bits and pieces of what might have happened between Edwin and Clive that night. In his flashbacks, Clive talks about deserving the punishment they will get. He pushes Edwin away, even when his friend seems intent on helping him.

Previously, it looked like the reason behind Clive’s anger was due to the drugs that Edwin dealt, even though Clive disapproved of it. We know that Edwin made Clive hide the drugs at his place, which were later discovered by the cops and led to Clive being sent to prison. This could have been why Clive doesn’t talk to Edwin anymore. However, the sixth episode reveals a new detail about Edwin, which changes the dynamic between him and Clive.

In one scene, the gay couple at the resort finds a place in the woods used as a make-out place for gays. They come here in secrecy because it’s still the 90s, and the people on the island aren’t very approving of homosexuality. During the day, Bery points out to Clive, another employee who is gay and is not being very discreet about it. Their reaction shows that they don’t approve of the man’s sexuality and that he is not trying to hide it. Would they react the same way if they discovered one of their close friends was gay?

Image Credit: Palmoa Alegria/Hulu

At night, the couple from the resort finds Edwin there with another boy. They are shocked to see him, especially because Edwin is known to be very charming and flirty with the women. The thing between him and Alison is also not hidden from anyone. Edwin is equally shocked to see them. He is horrified because the tourist couple knows him well. He worries that they will talk about it to others, and soon, everyone will know that Edwin is not straight. This could cost him his job and turn him into an outcast in his community. It might be gossip for the tourists, but it could completely destroy Edwin’s life.

The fact that Edwin is not straight also complicates his situation with Sarah. At first glance, it looks like Edwin likes Sarah. However, the way he expresses his dislike for her in front of Clive, could it be that Edwin is actually in love with Clive? Does he help Sarah only because he wants to help Clive? Perhaps, Edwin finally expressed his feelings to Clive on the night Alison disappeared, and Clive did not approve of it. This would be enough to create a chasm in their friendship. Maybe something happened between them. Perhaps they kissed, and Clive considered the bad thing they should be punished for.

The letter that Edwin writes to Clive could be him explaining why he married Sarah. It could be him trying to mend their friendship. Clive’s shocked reaction after reading it indicates that this might be Edwin’s last attempt at communicating with Clive. Maybe something has happened to Edwin. He is most likely sick, and the letter is him requesting Clive to come back home and meet with him one last time before he dies.

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