Saint X Episode 7 Recap: The Goat Witch and the Sinner

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As Hulu’s ‘Saint X’ nears its finale, the mysteries and secrets surrounding the death of Alison Thomas come to light. In its seventh episode, titled ‘The Goat Witch and the Sinner,’ the show sheds light on the events that were completely unrelated to Alison but played an important role in how things turned out for her. Meanwhile, her sister’s obsession with truth leads her down a dark and dangerous path, and by the end of the episode, it looks like she might have to pay the price for the callousness she has exhibited toward her own safety. Here’s what the events mean for the characters in ‘Saint X.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Saint X Episode 7 Recap

Image Credits: Palmoa Alegria/Hulu

After witnessing Clive beating another man in an alley, Emily is scared and realizes how reckless she has been all this time. In her conversations with Clive, she forgot that he could be the man who killed her sister and completely disregarded her safety until now. She tries to get her life back on track and comes clean to her therapist. However, it looks like she isn’t done with Clive yet.

In the flashbacks, we see Edwin’s childhood and how he was forced to closet himself, scared that someone would find out about him and he would become an outcast. He believes his homosexuality to be a sin and is scared of the goat witch. However, this changes as he grows up and becomes more careful about his trysts. That is until the gay couple from the resort discovers his truth.

Edwin is scared that they have told everyone about him and becomes paranoid when he sees his friends whispering about him. To make people think he is straight, he turns towards Alison, inviting her to go out with him and Clive to a local bar that night. Alison had planned to spend that night with Claire but ditches her sister in the hopes of showing Edwin that she is not like other tourist girls she has been with before.

Saint X Episode 7 Ending: Is Edwin in Love With Clive?

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Several things about Edwin didn’t make sense until it was revealed that he was gay. From the flashbacks of their teenage, it looked like Edwin was in love with Sarah, and he didn’t want Clive to marry her. This is what Desmond thinks too, when he overhears Edwin and Sarah’s conversation. But then, if he loved Sarah, why did he keep talking trash about her to Clive? It turns out that it wasn’t Sarah that Edwin was in love with; it was Clive.

Ever since they were children, Edwin had loved Clive. He was heartbroken when he discovered that Clive liked Sarah, so he tried to dissuade him from pursuing her. He even kissed Sarah to confuse her, making her think he loved her. When she got pregnant, Edwin feared that Clive and Sarah would marry, so he pleaded with Sarah not to do it. She agreed because she didn’t actually love Clive, and she might have had feelings for Edwin and thought he’d marry her someday.

When Alison Thomas becomes infatuated with Edwin, she doesn’t know about his sexuality. At first, she thinks that an affair with Edwin will be an experience, a story to tell when she goes back to her life in America. However, when it is brought to her attention that she isn’t the first girl Edwin has been with, she becomes all the more adamant about setting herself apart from these other girls. She intends to do something that will make Edwin remember her forever.

When Alison tells Olivia that she’s going out that night with Edwin and Clive, Olivia suggests having a threesome. This is something that Edwin will surely remember. While Alison isn’t so sure about the idea, she doesn’t completely disregard it either. Perhaps, this is what happened on the night of her mother. She went out and got drunk with Edwin and Clive and then initiated a threesome, not knowing that Edwin had feelings for Clive. This would have touched a sensitive nerve for Edwin and could have prompted him to do something that ended in Alison’s death.

Does Clive Know Emily is Claire?

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While Alison considers the possibility of something that’s fun for her but could be life-altering for Edwin and Clive, Emily falls further down the well of her obsession. Her conversation with her therapist pushes her back towards Clive, who finds her in the middle of the road, about to be hit by a truck. After grabbing some food, Emily suggests they go for a drink and end up in a bar. While dancing, Emily gets close to Clive, and he doesn’t like it. His reaction triggers Emily’s anxiety, and she goes back to the habit she had in childhood. She writes on her hand with her finger, and Clive notices that.

When Emily was Claire on Saint X, her habit of writing on her hand with her finger was so strong that she did it all the time. Someone in constant touch with the family must have noticed her habit and found it peculiar. Clive was one of the people who was always serving drinks and food to the Thomas family. At one point, he even played with little Claire and must have noticed her doing the thing. So, years later, when he sees Emily doing the same thing, he must have realized that Emily is Claire. The question is, what’s he going to do about it?

If Clive killed Alison, this revelation is not good news for Emily. The fact that she sought him out and was planning to use something on him to prove his guilt and send him to prison might make him do something rash. At the end of the episode, he drives up to Emily and invites her to get into his cab. Could it be that Clive has decided to kill Emily?

After spending so much time with Clive, Emily realizes she doesn’t believe in Clive’s guilt as much as she used to. At one point, she convinces herself that Edwin killed Alison and used Clive to cover up his crime. Maybe, she is right, and Clive did not murder Alison. In that case, he will not kill Emily either. However, Alison’s murder was traumatic for him, too, so he wouldn’t like to spend any more time with Emily. He must know that she chased after him because she wants to know what happened that night. Perhaps, he will tell her the truth and put her at ease.

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