Where is Sanctuary Filmed

‘Sanctuary’ is a Swedish television series that is packed with tons of psychological thrill and intrigue. The show sees Josefin Asplund of ‘Vikings’ fame play the characters of Helena and Siri, who are identical twins. Helena gets invited to visit Siri in a secluded resort in the Italian Alps. However, things are not what they seem as it turns out that the resort is not actually a resort. It is a place where psychopaths are experimented on. Siri leaves the sanctuary, making everyone think that Helena is Siri.

Sanctuary Filming Locations

‘Sanctuary’ tells a dark and brooding tale that is filled with suspense. However, the achingly gloomy tone of the television series is contrasted by its gorgeous and picturesque setting. ‘Sanctuary’ is set in a cozy-looking resort in the Italian Alps. Such a setting provides the movie with a beautiful backdrop to juxtapose its dark and intriguing story. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where ‘Sanctuary’ has been filmed. Is it actually filmed in the Italian Alps?


Yep, ‘Sanctuary’ has actually been filmed in Italy. According to local sources, a large chunk of the interior filming for the television series was filmed inside a production facility in Rome. IMDb confirms this fact. Have a look at the following Instagram post by the leading star of ‘Sanctuary,’ Josefin Asplund.


The resort where the twin protagonists reside in is one of the most memorable settings of the show. The actual place where scenes set at the resort are filmed is the Grand Hotel Imperial on Via Silva Domini in Levico Terme. The “resort” is quite integral to the plot of the movie. Hence, the filmmakers must have spent a lot of time and effort in selecting the right place for filming it. Have a look at the following Instagram post, which further confirms that ‘Sanctuary’ had been filmed at Grand Hotel Imperial. 

Levico Terme is a commune (municipality) in the province of Trentino. Filming for ‘Sanctuary’ was also carried out in other places of Trentino. For instance, filming was undertaken between the valleys of Fassa, Valsugana, and Etschtal. The  mountain range, the Dolomites, and the forests of Val di Fassa were also made use of for filming ‘Sanctuary.’ No wonder the television series features so many gorgeous landscapes in the backdrop.

Interestingly, ‘Sanctuary’ was filmed in accordance with Trentino’s T-GReen Filming Protocol. This means that filming was carried out in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Stockholm, Sweden

The character of Helena is depicted to be living in the Swedish city of Västerås. It is her boring life in Västerås, which makes her take up her twin sister’s offer of coming to the resort. According to IMDb, location filming for ‘Sanctuary’ was carried out in Stockholm. Hence, it is reasonable to assume that the television series passes off Stockholm as Västerås.

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