Are Shane Gillis and Steve Gerben Cousins in Real Life?

In Netflix’s workplace comedy series ‘Tires,’ Steve Gerben’s Will is a cousin of Shane Gillis’ Shane. The two cousins have an unparalleled chemistry between them, which is evident in their interaction with each other and their customers. As Shane’s cousin, Will tolerates the former’s abominable actions despite them being condemnable enough to warrant his firing. Gerben and Gillis work together not only in front of the cameras but also behind them. The duo teamed up with McKeever to create and write the sitcom. Does that mean the familial connection between their characters is not accidental?

Shane Gillis and Steve Gerben’s Relationship

Neither Shane Gillis nor Steve Gerben has revealed a familial connection between them. They have not identified as each other’s cousin publicly, which is seemingly enough to deduce that they are not. Considering their long conversations whenever Gerben appeared on ‘Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,’ hosted by Shane and Matt McCusker, the absence of such a revelation leads us to the lack of such a relationship. However, even though they are not blood-related, Shane and Gerben have been working together for years. The latter made his acting debut by playing Gordy in Comedy Central’s ‘Delco Proper,’ which also features Shane.

Shane and Gerben’s most significant collaboration before the Netflix series has to be ‘Gilly and Keeves.’ Gerben was involved in the writing of nine episodes of the series, which is headlined by Shane and McKeever. He also appears in the series as multiple characters. Gerben co-wrote Shane and McKeever’s sketch comedy special ‘Gilly and Keeves: The Special.’ ‘Tires’ is their latest collaboration rather than their first. The depth of their friendship is visible in the episodes of ‘Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,’ which is frequented by Gerben, who is admired by a large group of the podcast’s fans.

‘Tires’ can be seen as the result of an extensive collaboration between friends. Andrew Schulz, who appears in the sitcom now and then as an employee of Andiamo Auto Sales, is Shane’s fellow comedian, and they have shared a stage with each other. Similarly, when McKeever helmed ‘Holly and the Hot Chocolate’ for QVC, Gerben was included in the cast as Mayor Steve. Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say Shane, Gerben, and McKeever, the sitcom’s creators, are brothers by their art and not by their blood. The bond Shane and Gerben cherish off-screen may have helped them to portray Will and Shane as inseparable in the workplace comedy.

Shane, Gerben, and McKeever must have created Will and Shane as cousins to serve their storyline. Will, the manager of their workplace, supports Shane through thick and thin and vice versa. Their relationship in the sitcom justifies why they both go to extreme lengths to protect each other.

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