Shark Tank Approved: Torch Warriorwear’s Battle-Ready Bodysuits

Women in the armed forces play an invaluable role, showcasing dedication, resilience, and skill in serving their country. Their contributions are commendable and integral to the effectiveness of military operations. However, the relatively low number of women in the armed forces has led to some inconveniences, particularly in the availability of specialized products designed with women’s needs in mind. One significant area is military apparel, where the lack of options tailored for women can be a challenge.

Torch Warriorwear recognized this gap and entered the industry with a groundbreaking approach. Appearing on episode 13 of season 15 of ‘Shark Tank,’ Torch Warriorwear has pioneered a subscription-based, direct-to-consumer model that caters specifically to the apparel and lifestyle needs of women in the armed forces. By doing so, they address the distinct requirements of female military warriors, celebrating their service and providing them with clothing designed for comfort, functionality, and style.

Torch Warriorwear: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Haley McClain Hill’s upbringing was deeply influenced by her grandmother, a 20-year veteran of the US Air Force. Having spent most of her life in the company of this military trailblazer, Haley was inspired to follow in her footsteps. While pursuing a degree in Mathematics at Penn State University, Haley joined the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), laying the foundation for her journey in the US Air Force. Upon graduating, she took on the role of an Air Force recruiter stationed in Atlanta. This opportunity allowed Haley to work closely with a community she had long admired.

After a year, Haley was moved to Human Resources and she found herself yearning for a more active and fulfilling engagement. The moment arrived during the pandemic, offering her a reflective space to contemplate her aspirations. Talking about the inception of the idea, she said, “I was just sick and tired of looking and feeling uncomfortable because all of our uniform items are very tailored towards men. When you first enter the military, they give you your uniform items. My first ‘care package’ was a men’s t-shirt that was two sizes too big with really scratchy material. My pants … and everything [were] just not fitting me right.

Building upon the discomforts that she faced, Haley conceived the idea for a clothing line that would prioritize the unique needs of women in the armed forces. Torch Warriorwear operates as a subscription-based service, delivering military-inspired bodysuits directly to consumers. They reach their customers without intermediaries, ensuring a direct and personalized connection between the brand and those who proudly embrace the warrior spirit.

The bodysuits offered by Torch Warriorwear feature distinctive embroidered accents on the hips and showcase glossy seaming at the bodice. Crafted from a soft and stretchy fabric blend, the clothing is composed of 95% and 5% rayon, ensuring both comfort and flexibility for the wearer. Torch Warriorwear sets out with a mission to redefine the essence of being a woman in the armed forces, advocating that standards should not conform to a masculine format or lifestyle merely due to limited options. The brand envisions empowering women warriors by providing them with clothing that aligns with their identity and challenges traditional norms militarily.

Torch Warriorwear Update: Where Are They Now?

Torch Warriorwear firmly holds the belief that clothing plays a significant role in influencing performance and behavior, a principle they actively promote through their thoughtfully designed bodysuits. While the brand has earned recognition in notable publications such as Military Times, AirForce Times, and Military Families Magazine, its appearance on ‘Shark Tank’ marked a substantial boost in customer outreach. With their tagline “for and by modern day women warriors,” Torch Warriorwear successfully captures the attention of potential customers, aligning its mission with the empowerment and representation of contemporary women in the armed forces.

Torch Warriorwear offers its signature bodysuits in two distinct styles: short sleeves and long sleeves. Both variations come in an array of armed forces-friendly colors, including Coyote Brown, Navy Brown, Marine Green, and Coast Guard Blue, as well as classic choices like black, white, and gray. The Short Sleeve Fearless Bodysuit is priced at $60 for a one-time purchase, while the subscription option brings it down to $50, allowing flexibility for changes or cancellations at any time. The long-sleeved bodysuit is available at $75 each. In addition to bodysuits, Torch Warriorwear provides complementary products like caps and scrunchies, all open for pre-order on their website.

In conclusion, Torch Warriorwear’s unwavering vision to redefine and empower modern-day women warriors sets it on a trajectory of long-lasting success. By bridging the gap in military apparel for women and emphasizing individuality within the armed forces, the brand not only challenges traditional norms but also resonates with a diverse and empowered customer base. As the brand continues to evolve, it undoubtedly paves the way for a future where clothing becomes a powerful medium for self-expression and pride among women in the armed forces.

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