Sharonda Parker: Where is the Sexual Wellness Specialist Now?

The second episode of Starz’s documentary series ‘Down in the Valley’ revolves around Sharonda Parker, a Baton Rouge-based sexual health and wellness specialist. Sharonda kickstarted a sexual rebellion in the capital city of Louisiana by opening Private Partz and Gifts Store, also known as PPG, an adult novelty store. The establishment became the foundation of Sharonda’s efforts to educate her community about sexual wellness. Even though she had to face several challenges to be a part of the highly conservative region, she continued to move forward with events and classes that helped hundreds of people to explore their sexuality. As far as her current whereabouts are concerned, Sharonda has entered new realms to propagate and educate all things sexually healthy!

Sharonda Parker Sparkled a Revolution Down in the Valley

Sharonda Parker’s journey in the world of sexual wellness began with the opening of Private Partz and Gifts Store. What started as a home-based endeavor led her to a prominent store in the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After making a living selling adult novelties for a while, Sharonda realized the need to educate her community on sexual wellness. As someone who grew up in an environment where sex was rarely talked about, she knew how important it was to demystify an integral part of human life and experience. She started to conduct classes about sex positions, self-simulation, etc. These classes aim to “help individuals become more knowledgeable about safety and sex.”

At the time, Sharonda was married to Spencer, with whom she has three children. The then-couple published ‘Cyber Sex: A Guide to Better Relationships through Anonymous Questions and Real Life Answers,’ exploring varying kinds of sexual subjects and predicaments, in 2013. Sharonda is also a nudist who propagates naturism. After the COVID-19 pandemic, it became immensely challenging for her to keep her store open. Her separation from her long-term partner didn’t help her either. Ultimately, she decided to turn her establishment into an online store.

A Celebration of Her Personal Milestone With Her Loved Ones

‘Down in the Valley’ is a major part of Sharonda’s life. Being involved in the documentary series helped her deal with several personal challenges. “What does it feel like to see the things you have given your life to broken? Broken Marriage, Broken relationship with my oldest daughter, Broken Business Model, Broken Heart, Broken Spirit,” she shared while expressing her gratitude for selecting her story to narrate through the show. Sharonda also described the experience as her way of making “a lot of people in heaven” proud.

Sharonda arranged a watch party for the release of the second episode of the documentary series to celebrate a milestone in her life with her friends and loved ones. Meanwhile, she is currently cherishing the much-deserved attention she and her commendable work have been receiving since the premiere of ‘Down in the Valley.’

Sharonda Parker Continues to Run Her Adult Novelty Store

As an entrepreneur, Sharonda’s primary focus is on running Private Partz and Gifts Store, even though it is operated online now. The online store continues to sell a wide variety of sexual wellness products. She uses her YouTube channel to talk about the products and their abilities to enhance sexual experiences. Sharonda also launched a new brand within PPG, known as Fantasy by PPG, to sell trendy and curated lingerie. Through her store’s website and her YouTube channel, she continues to offer classes on sexual health to her followers. The topics of some of the recent sessions include relationships, compatibility, outdoor sex, communication between sexual partners, sexual anxiety, etc.

Sharonda is gearing up for the release of her next book, titled ‘The Red Room.’ “For the last year, I have been writing short stories about some amazing experiences… Everyone said I should write a book. Well, guess what? I did,” she shared. “Within these pages are a glimpse into the lifestyle of a dynamic woman,” reads the work’s synopsis. Sharonda planned a book launch event on August 10 called The Red Room Experience Show. “I’m so excited about The Red Room Experience on August 10th. This event will be Co-Ed. This will be my Book Launch Party/Book Signing/Birthday Party all in one,” she shared about the program. Sharonda is also a popular host based in Baton Rouge. In addition to the events she conducts as a part of her ventures, she also does private hosting for programs of several kinds.

Sharonda Parker is in a Joyful Relationship Today

Sharonda is a polyamorous woman who is currently in a relationship, which has been a significant part of her personal life. “This next chapter is called WE deserve this. We deserve to be happy because our love is pure and genuine. There is nothing holding us together but us. We find comfort in each other’s presence; it’s peaceful over here,” she wrote about sharing her life with her partner. While not running her store, Sharonda is focused on workouts and several other wellness experiences. In addition to regular workouts, she is into fire play, which is “a form of sensory play, where fire is used to elicit physical and psychological responses,” in her own words.

Sharonda is a major proponent of the kinky lifestyle. She tries her best to spread awareness about the non-conventional activities associated with it. Along with her nudist practices, she tries to immerse herself in several kinds of massages with her partner. The duo also attends numerous events taking place in and around Baton Rouge, together and with friends. The couple is also into role-playing, and they occasionally share glimpses of their intimate personal moments. Recently, Sharonda visited Two Mississippi Museums in Jackson, Mississippi, to explore Black history.

As a strong advocate of sex work, Sharonda regularly communicates with her followers about recognizing and acknowledging the significance of sex workers. “My name is Sharonda, and I am a proud (S)ex Worker. […] I love to educate others about the benefits of having a healthy (s)ex life, being (s)exually responsible, and being (s)ex positive,” she shared while celebrating the International Sex worker’s Day last month.

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