Sharron Clark Murder: Has Taejon Gill Been Found?

Image Credit: National Gun Violence Memorial

In ‘America’s Most Wanted: Georgia’s Biggest Drug Ring,’ the focus is on the homicide of Sharron Clark, who was murdered in 2022. The episode provides us with a detailed account of the case, including the events that led to the tragedy and the investigation that followed. The police’s efforts to dismantle a drug ring are also highlighted in the episode. With the help of interviews with Sharron’s loved ones and the officials who played a key role in connecting the dots and closing in on the suspect/s who might be responsible for the slaying of the 45-year-old man.

Sharron Clark Was Shot to Death

On March 7, 1977, Sharron Akraim Clark emerged as a bundle of joy in the lives of his mother and father. Though not much is known about his familial background or early life, we believe he was raised amid the love, care and support of his family members and grew up to become a bright man who loved life. With a smile that could light up a room and a personality that could uplift anyone’s spirit, Sharron was a kindhearted individual who always extended a helping hand to those in need. At the time of the incident, Sharron had been a resident of Hagerstown in Washington County, Maryland, for a while. According to public records, he had likely lived in Providence, Rhode Island, as well as New York City and Brooklyn, New York, at some point in his life.

Sharron minded his own business and had a jovial nature, which earned him a lot of friends and respect in the community. Therefore, the sudden news of his death in the Fall of 2022 shocked all those who knew the 45-year-old, as no one could fathom why someone would take the life of such a person. Around 8 pm on the fateful night of October 18, 2022, the citizens of the town of Hagerstown were left perturbed by the sound of gunshots that reverberated throughout the streets. Among the ones alarmed by that were the officers of the local police department patrolling the area of Jonathan Street. They quickly jumped to inquire and discover the source of the sound. At the same time, someone called the Emergency Communications Center and informed them about a person wounded by gunshots in the locality.

Following the 911 call, the authorities jumped into action and arrived in front of 55 Murph Avenue, where the shooting took place. At the scene, they found a badly injured man with multiple gunshot wounds on his body; he was later identified as Sharron Akraim Clark. Upon realizing that the 45-year-old was still alive and required immediate medical attention, the authorities began administering all sorts of first aid measures to try and save his life. Once the emergency medical dispatchers reached the spot, they took him to Meritus Medical Center at 11116 Medical Campus Road. Unfortunately, it was too late as just a while after his admission to the hospital, Sharron Akraim Clark succumbed to his injuries. A probe into the matter was launched by the Hagerstown Police Department.

Sharron Clark’s Suspected Killer is Still on the Run

When the detectives were done collecting evidence from the crime scene, they began holding interviews with Sharron Clark’s family members, friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances to find a few leads and suspects who might have the motive to commit murder. Sooner rather than later, the police learned about a possible suspect named — Taejon Najeire Gill. However, they were unable to locate him. It was Taejon’s mother who identified him as the potential shooter who killed Sharron in October 2022.

Taejon’s mother was in a close-knit relationship with Sharron, but it wasn’t certain if they were together at the time of the tragic shooting. A few months before the shooting, in June 2022, Taejon was charged with another felony in Franklin County. He was reportedly arrested for the possession of firearms without a license. However, he posted his bail just the day after he was charged. After he became the prime suspect in the case of Sharron’s shooting, the detectives began looking for Taejon Gill without leaving a single stone unturned.

When the police’s search was leading them to just dead ends, they offered a lucrative award for any concrete information that could lead them to Taejon or his arrest. At the time of writing, it has been more than a year since he was named the potential killer but there haven’t been any significant developments in the case of Sharron Clark’s murder with the lead suspect, the resident of Hagerstown, Taejon, still living a life full of freedom.

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