Where is Sharron From Too Hot To Handle Today?

Sharron was one of those cast members who struggled the most on Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’. The ‘sex-ban’ imposed by the reality dating show really troubled him in the initial days. But what disturbed him the most was fighting his inner demons and embarking on a journey of personal development. He didn’t seem too focused on the prize money. Instead, he prioritized his connection and battling his insecurities.

Who is Sharron Townsend?

Sharron Townsend belongs to New Jersey. Having graduated from Franklin and Marshall College, he majored in Economics and presided over the National Honor Society. Looks and intelligence are not the only strong points he possesses; he is also a great sportsman. He was a wrestler whose excellent track record of winnings earned him state-level fame! He is now a children’s wrestling coach, personal fitness trainer, and a professional model. He also featured on an episode of MTV’s ‘Undressed’ in 2017. He went on to become Mr. Pennsylvania 2018 in the United States Pageant. He also dabbled in the music industry and produced some tracks of his own.


Sharron’s journey on the show was one of the most inspiring ones. Betrayed and heartbroken, he confessed to having been cheated on by his ex-girlfriend and best friend. With family issues, trust issues, and personal insecurities getting the better of him, he tries to form a connection with Rhonda.

His commitment phobia and guarded heart make it very difficult for him to open up. But, Rhonda is patient and calm. She gives him a chance and helps him heal. After realizing how much he cares about Rhonda, he tries to make an effort to communicate more efficiently. He even tries to form a bond with her son.

Sharron and Rhonda turn out the be the first couple on the show to earn a night in the private suite. Their physical intimacy causes a rule breach costing thousands of dollars. But they couldn’t care less. They are together till the end of the show and Sharron officially asks Rhonda to be his girl. She accepts and they decide to take it slow and steady.

Where is Sharron Now?

The 25-year-old aspiring actor recently featured in a few music videos, the links to which are provided on his Instagram page. He returned to New Jersey after the shoot ended but not before celebrating in LA with his co-stars. He seems to be occupied with modeling assignments and photoshoots. He recently did a fashion shoot for Macy’s. Even though Sharron seems to be in touch with all cast members, it doesn’t seem like he is still dating Rhonda. He seems to be single and focusing on his career and chilling with his friends.



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