Shawntray Grant Murder: Where Are Osha Dunham and Nelaunte Grant Now?

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In the episode titled ‘Savannah’s Deadly Bet’ of Oxygen’s ‘Sins of the South,’ the viewers are provided with a detailed account of the tragic killing of 32-year-old Shawntray Grant. Instead of changing his life for the better, the handsome amount of cash that the victim won at the casino on the fateful night proved to be the primary reason behind his murder. The shootout sent shockwaves across the entire community while leaving his loved ones in a deep state of grief. The episode details the circumstances that led to the murder, the investigation that ensued, the conviction of the perpetrators, and the impact his death left on his family and friends.

Shawntray Grant Was Murdered Right Outside His New Apartment Complex

Born to Christine Simmons and Clarence “Cool Blue” Grant on July 29, 1985, Shawntray “Puff” Grant was raised in Savannah, Georgia, along with his siblings. These included six brothers—Clarence Singleton, Robert Grant, Willie Simmons, Deontray Grant Sr., Dr. Derrick Cunningham, and Dervick Simmons—and five sisters—Terry Grant, Angela Grant Mack, Tara Grant, Erika Jenkins, and Kaiisha Williams. After attending public schools in Chatham County, he went to Savannah High School, from where he graduated in 2003. After graduating from high school, he put his passion for culinary arts into good use and worked at several restaurants, before establishing his own business — S & K Catering and DJ Services.

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Besides handling his business, Shawntray also ensured that he gave back to his community by being an active member. His affiliations included being the CEO of the Bullhorn Crew, the former president of the Savannah High Mass Alumni Association, the Majestic Colorz Dance Team, and the Savannah High Marching Band Alumni Association. Moreover, he was associated with the Savannah High Class of 2003, Phenomenal Gemz, and the Royal Ambassadors. Being a community activist, he also contributed to various organizations like Reach Our Youth Ministries, Save our Youth, People Against Killing (PAK) United, Youth on a Mission, Savannah Lives Matters, and more.

Shawntray also had Christian beliefs and was a proud member of New Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. In June 2018, he moved to his new apartment on Randolph Street, hoping to start afresh. However, his life came to an abrupt end in the early hours of June 15, 2018, right outside his apartment complex when the 32-year-old man was returning home from the casino. Around 2 am, the police received a 911 call about a reported shooting on the 200 block of Randolph Street in Savannah, Georgia. Upon arriving at the crime scene, the authorities found Shawntray lying dead. Reportedly, he was robbed and suffered eight fatal gunshot wounds, including five in the back, which turned out to be the cause of his demise.

Shawntray Grant Was Ambushed by a Gang For Robbery

Once the investigators were through with collecting all pieces of evidence from the crime scene, they began interviewing potential witnesses and loved ones of Shawntray Grant in order to extract information about the victim and the circumstances under which he died. As per reports, Shawntray went to a casino boat in the Brunswick area on the night of June 14, 2018, along with a group of people, which included Nelaunte Grant. He ended up winning around $12,000 gambling that night. With such a large amount of cash in his possession, he attracted some unwanted attention from the wrong people, including Nelaunte from his own group.

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After his win, Nelaunte began texting one of her associates, 25-year-old Osha Dunham. The two schemed together to steal his gambling winnings. Possibly tailing him, she tipped off Osha where the leader of the Bullhorn Crew would be when while talking to her partner through text messages and phone calls. So, when Shawntray pulled up to his apartment complex on Randolph Street at The View on Oglethorpe, he was ambushed by three men with guns, including Osha Dunham, who had been waiting for him to arrive.

During the armed robbery, the 32-year-old man was shot to death with multiple bullets right outside his apartment complex and winnings were stolen. It was also alleged that after killing Shawntray, Osha stole his gun and used it in five other crimes around Savannah in the future, including another homicide. Several months after the murder, in March 2019, both Osha Dunham and Nelaunte Grant were indicted in the death of Shawntray Grant.

Osha and Nelaunte Are Serving Their Respective Sentences in Different Georgia Prisons

On January 15, 2020, at the end of Osha Dunham and Nelaunte Grant’s trial, the jury found the former guilty of armed robbery, malice murder, and felony murder. He was also convicted of another homicide and shooting two people at Yamacraw Village in July 2018. On the other hand, Nelaunte was convicted of felony murder and robbery. During the trial, the defense of Osha argued that cell phone records used as evidence did not prove that he was at the crime location. Meanwhile, Nelaunte’s attorney claimed that nothing concrete and incriminating could be proven against her as the content of text messages and phone calls between her and Osha was not known.

The prosecutors argued that Nelaunte had deleted several text messages and denied knowing Osha initially. Just a couple of weeks later, on January 30, Osha received two consecutive life imprisonment sentences without the possibility of parole in addition to 315 consecutive years for a 2018 crime spree that resulted in the demise of Shawntray Grant and Robert Lee Jr. On the other hand, Nelaunte Grant received a life term with the possibility of parole. Following the sentencing, one of Shawntray’s brothers, Deontray Grant, addressed the court.

He stated, “For his life to be taken was horrific, it was the worst thing they could ever do because Shawntray Grant was a person of togetherness and love. That’s all he wanted to see was the children together, being able to play in the community and be safe. He was all about ending gun violence and for his life to be taken by gun violence, it’s sad.” His sister, Kyisha Williams, expressed her satisfaction with the sentence and addressed the convicts, “I hope and pray that you get yourself together, and I hope y’all never get out of prison to hurt another family in this community again.” While Nelaunte Grant is serving her sentence at Pulaski State Prison in Hawkinsville, Georgia, Osha Dunham is incarcerated at Smith State Prison in Glennville.

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