Chamak: 7 Similar Shows Like The Musical Thriller You’ll Like

‘Chamak’ stands as a rare gem among TV series, effortlessly capturing the very soul of its cultural roots. The narrative orbits around Kaala, a Canadian firebrand rapper whose journey propels him back to the heart of Punjab, India, armed with nothing but a faded photograph of his parents. Tara Singh, Kaala’s father, once a celebrated folk singer, met a tragic end alongside his wife Navpreet during a performance, prompting Kaala’s uncle to flee to Canada with him as an infant. It unveils Kaala’s odyssey to unravel the enigma shrouding his parents’ demise, uncovering a labyrinth of corruption, corporate machinations, and political crime. Let us look at 7 shows like ‘Chamak,’ which share these themes and are equally riveting.

7. The Glory (2022-)

‘The Glory’ unravels as a tale of resilience and retribution, centering around Dong-eun, a young girl enduring relentless bullying throughout her high school years. But, instead of succumbing to her tormentors, Dong-eun quietly endures the abuse while formulating a decade-long plan for vengeance. The series follows her execution of justice, bringing each of her bullies to account, leaving no stone unturned in her pursuit of retribution. Drawing parallels to ‘Chamak,’ both stories share a common theme of protagonists driven by a thirst for revenge and a quest for personal justice, creating a narrative that explores the seeking redress for past wrongs.

6. The Get Down (2016-2017)

‘The Get Down’ is a musical drama television series that is set in the South Bronx in the late 1970s and explores the origins of hip-hop and other music genres, focusing on the lives of a group of teenagers. The story revolves around a talented and ambitious young poet named Ezekiel “Zeke” Figuero and his group of friends as they work through the challenges of life in the Bronx, dealing with poverty, crime, and societal structural issues. Like ‘Chamak’, this is also a musical and uses music to build on the storyline and create an ambiance that is conducive for the characters to develop.

5. Tabbar (2021-)

The series introduces Omkar Singh’s family in Punjab when Happy, the elder son, returns from Delhi, setting off a chain of unexpected events. When a stranger knocks on their door and claims that his bag got swapped with Happy’s, unveiling a drug packet that Happy’s younger brother, Tegi, unknowingly took from the bag. The confrontation escalates into aggression, leading to a fatal outcome for the stranger. Reminiscent of the cultural backdrop in ‘Chamak,’ ‘Tabbar’ emerges as a thriller set in Punjab and masterfully creates suspense and intrigue throughout the series.

4. Zila Sangrur (2021-)

In the quaint town of Sangrur, the seven-episode TV series, ‘Zila Sangrur,’ starts as the tale of three friends – Jeeta, Pargat, and Goldy. Engaged in petty criminal activities to navigate life’s challenges, they relocate to Chandigarh, only to find themselves entangled in a murder that brings them face to face with the notorious criminal Balbir. Similar to the narrative explored in ‘Chamak,’ this series delves into the complexities of organized crime in Punjab and its surrounding regions, shedding light on its impact on the youth and everyone caught in its web.

3. My Name (2021)

In the TV series ‘My Name,’ a relentless and intense story unfolds, showcasing a formidable anti-heroine, Yoon Ji-woo. Born into the notorious underworld led by her father, Yoon Ji-woo faces relentless bullying due to her lineage. On her birthday, a strained relationship with her father takes another unexpected turn when he is shot at their doorstep. Fast forward several years, and Yoon Ji-woo, now living incognito as Oh Hye-jin, works for a powerful gangster while also operating as an undercover narcotics cop. Driven by the quest for vengeance against her father’s killers, the series mirrors the theme of retribution, particularly the pursuit of justice for a parent’s untimely demise, echoing similarities with ‘Chamak.’

2. Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)

Acclaimed as a critical triumph, ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ takes its inspiration from Todd Grimson’s novel of the same title. Unfolding in 1990s Los Angeles, the series introduces Lisa Nova, an idealistic aspiring filmmaker with dreams of making her mark in the industry. However, she falls victim to deceit and harassment by the unscrupulous producer Lou Burke.

What commences as a filmmaker’s pursuit transforms into a vengeful odyssey, as Lisa, undeterred, employs supernatural curses and black magic to seek retribution for the injustices done to her. Beyond the shared themes of revenge and violence with ‘Chamak,’ the series delves into the underlying political and social structures that pave the way for such crimes and lead individuals down the path of vengeance.

1. Kohrra (2023-)

Taking place in the state of Punjab, ‘Kohrra’ distinguishes itself as a unique thriller, infused with nuanced social commentary that serves as a perceptive reflection of society. The story is developed around two police officers tasked with unraveling the murder of a British-Indian bridegroom. Beyond being a mere crime investigation, the story delves into the lives of the characters entangled in the case, as well as those on its periphery. Mirroring the thematic elements of ‘Chamak,’ ‘Kohrra’ is a murder mystery thriller set against the vibrant backdrop of Punjab, capturing the colloquial and linguistic essence of the region.

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