8 Empowering Shows Like Sistas You Must See

‘Sistas’ by Tyler Perry revolves around a close-knit group of four women navigating the complexities of life, relationships, and career aspirations. The show follows Andi, Karen, Sabrina, and Danni, each from their own walk of life, but united in their struggle to find a suitable romantic partner. Through ups and downs, they rely on each other for support, discussing their triumphs and tribulations with candor and humor. For those looking into similar stories, there is a bounty of entertaining shows like ‘Sistas,’ about companionship, relationships, and girl power.

8. Twenties (2020-2021)

Created by Lena Waithe, ‘Twenties’ follows the life of Hattie, a queer African American woman navigating her twenties in Los Angeles. The series explores Hattie’s aspirations of becoming a successful screenwriter while balancing her personal and professional life. As she tackles various jobs and relationships, Hattie leans on her two close friends, Marie and Nia, forming a tight-knit trio that supports each other through life’s trials and triumphs. Just as with ‘Sistas’ the show delves into themes of romance, friendship, and self-discovery. They are both refreshing and insightful portrayals of young Black women’s journey with relatable storytelling.

7. Queens (2021-2022)

With Zahir McGhee at the helm, ‘Queens’ revolves around a once-famous ’90s hip-hop girl group, Nasty Girlz, making a comeback after years of separation. Brianna, Jill, Valeria, and Naomi reunite after twenty years to perform in the biggest black award show within four days in a bid to recapture their fame. Each character grapples with personal challenges while rediscovering their passion for music and confronting past grievances. If you liked the quartet in ‘Sistas,’ you will find yourself cheering for the Nasty Girlz as they make their triumphant return, in an explosive show of girl power.

6. Blindspotting (2021-2023)

Inspired by the eponymous film, ‘Blindspotting,’ is a television series co-created by Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs. The show revolves around Ashley, as her partner is incarcerated and she is forced to relocate with her child to the home of his mother and half-sister. While she is unsure of the influence of her extended family, they step up when the situation calls for it. Ashley contends with the challenges of raising their son, maintaining friendships, and dealing with the aftermath of Miles’ actions.

Through poetic storytelling and visual artistry, ‘Blindspotting’ will touch fans of ‘Sistas’ with its empowering challenge of systemic injustices while emphasizing the resilience of its characters in facing adversity. Casal and Diggs’ creation poignantly blends humor and drama, shedding light on societal issues while celebrating the strength found within community, and the power of personal transformation.

5. All the Queen’s Men (2021-)

Created by Christian Keyes, ‘All the Queen’s Men’ follows the dramatic life of a powerful club owner, Marilyn DeVille or Madam. She employs trusted underlings and loyal male dancers, claiming more and more of the nightclub industry for herself. The sensual show delves into the world of nightlife entertainment, showcasing the challenges and intrigues faced by both the dancers and the club owner. As Madam’s business expands, threats and secrets reveal themselves, threatening her reign. If ‘Sistas’ appeals to you with its sexuality and woman-empowering narratives, ‘All the Queen’s Men’ will enchant you with similar elements in addition to its plot of romance, ambition, and rivalry.

4. First Wives Club (2019-)

Showrunner Tracy Oliver’s ‘First Wives Club’ breathes new life into the 1996 film of the same name, modernizing and races swapping the cast. The narrative centers on Ari, Bree, and Hazel, who forge an unbreakable bond after their marriages crumble. United in their trials, the trio relies on their friendship, standing by each other while seeking retribution against their former spouses. Both ‘First Wives Club’ and ‘Sistas’ emphasize the importance of unwavering companions, the complexities of relationships, and explore emotional depth.

3. Zatima (2022-)

Zac and Fatima are a power couple living their lives one drama at a time. Zac is kind and caring, while Fatima is passionate and fierce. The series follows their humourous exploits with friends, family, and unfortunate flames. Through thick and thin, doubts, pressures, and misunderstandings, the couple’s extraordinary love pulls through. For those who enjoyed the exploration of relationships and commitment in ‘Sistas,’ ‘Zatima’ is the show to watch. Sharing the same creator, both narratives take us on engaging social adventures with a delightful cast of characters, while taking an emotionally charged look at romances.

2. Run the World (2021-2023)

‘Run the World,’ helmed by Leigh Davenport, centers on a group of four vibrant, professional African American women navigating life and friendships in New York City. The series follows Renee, Whitney, Ella, and Sondi as they tackle career aspirations, relationships, and personal growth. Like ‘Sistas,’ the series features a quartet of strong and independent black women, who support one another through whatever life throws their way. ‘Run the World’ authentically portrays the challenges and triumphs faced by these ambitious women, touching on themes of love, ambition, sisterhood, and self-discovery.

1. Harlem (2021-)

In ‘Harlem,’ a close-knit group of university friends reunites in the vibrant setting of Harlem, sharing life’s ups and downs. This series by Tracy Oliver skillfully toes the line between absurdity and authenticity as the quartet faces challenges in their romantic lives, relationships, and work. However, when their gang comes together and discusses each of their woes, their burdens lighten. Their camaraderie and unconditional support of one another, help the women face their challenges, reinvigorated. Much like, ‘Sistas,‘ through its predominantly Black ensemble, ‘Harlem’ delves deep into the multifaceted aspects of Black communities, offering witty and relatable women-focused perspectives.

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