Preview: Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 16

‘Siesta Key’ season 3 has been an eventful ride until now. We have seen relationships, ambitions, and friendships being tested to the limits. Alex’s past threatens to sabotage his relationship with Alyssa while Juliette attempts to take control of her relationships and career. Meanwhile, Maddison and Brandon also need to take major decisions. Kelsey and Garrett cannot get over their trust issues as Chloe and Alex’s friendship hangs by the thread. This week, we see the stars getting entangled in more drama and we have covered the details in our recap section. But before that, you should know that the show is all set to release its next episode in the coming week. And here’s everything you need to know about it.

Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 16 Release Date:

‘Siesta Key’ season 3 episode 16 will premiere on July 7, 2020, on MTV, at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT.

Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 16 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is titled ‘I’m Gonna Be Drunk for the Next Week’. As far as its official synopsis goes, here’s how MTV describes it: “Alex and Alyssa spread their pregnancy news, and Juliette is devastated when she finds out. Chloe is stressed about work so she tries to reconcile with Alex. Brandon starts a new job, and struggles with giving up his dreams.”

Where to Stream Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 16 Online?

‘Siesta Key’ drops new episodes every Tuesday evening at 8 pm ET on MTV. If you already have the channel as a part of your cable subscription, simply tune in to your television at the above time slot and watch the latest episodes without any spoilers. Episodes, after their tv release, also land on MTV’s official site for online streaming. The next go-to option is to choose any of the cable-free, live-streaming services. Some of the popular go-to platforms are Directv, Fubo TV, Philo TV, and Sling TV. You can additionally rent full seasons or single episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

Siesta Key Season 3 Episode 15 Recap

MTV has cut ties with Alex Kompothecras and he won’t be appearing in any of the future seasons of ‘Siesta Key’. This decision was taken because the reality star posted some racist comments on his social media handles. As a result, episode 15, which was pre-recorded, has been edited, with most of Alex’s scenes being cut out. Anyway, coming to the hunk, he had quickly moved on from Juliette Porter to Alyssa Salerno. He is currently happy with Alyssa and the two are planning to have a baby together — a bit of news that is not taken well by everyone.

When Alyssa tells her parents that she is expecting, her mom is worried. Moreover, Juliette is also not taking the announcement lightly and it’s very likely that she will get back with some agenda. Juliette is seen dating Robby Hayes but she still harbors a soft corner for Alex. She even tells Alyssa how she spent multiple nights with her man, which shocks Amanda. But Alyssa handles the situation pretty well. She is not even bothered that her lover is cheating on her!

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