Where Was Silverado Filmed?

Directed and co-written by Lawrence Kasdan, ‘Silverado’ is a Western film that follows a group of misfits as they embark on a quest to right the injustices, prevalent in the titular small town. Starring Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Danny Glover, and Kevin Costner as the lead stars, the 1985 film eventually progressed to become a box office hit. The sophisticated classic has received generally positive reviews from critics – who praised the film for its sweeping, rugged Western landscapes, endless barren deserts, and revitalizing scenes.

The 58th Academy Awards nominee has all the tropes of a stylish cowboy drama, packed with gunfights, galloping horses, boots, bars, and leather. And to bring life to such striking visuals, you need some spectacular locations as well. So, this brings us to the next question – where was ‘Silverado’ filmed? Well, our research gives you all the answers!

Silverado Filming Locations

Produced by Columbia Pictures and Delphi III Productions, ‘Silverado’ was filmed in and around New Mexico. Co-writers Lawrence and Mark started scouting for an ideal site in 1984 – a locale that could serve as a remote area, befitting the description of the small town of Silverado. This was when they reached the property of local residents, Bill and Marian Cook.

The Cook Ranch was eventually finalized as the primary shooting site – which was appropriately set-up to don the appearance of four different states that feature in the movie. However, apart from Cook Ranch, several other sites were also used to film scenes in the story. Let’s check the places out in further detail.

New Mexico

‘Silverado’ was primarily shot in Cook Ranch, now called Cerro Pelon Ranch, located in North Galisteo, New Mexico. The ranch has been featured in several other Hollywood projects like ‘Lonesome Dove,’ ‘Wild Wild West,’ ‘3:10 to Yuma’, and ‘Thor.’ In 2001, the property was bought by fashion designer Tom Ford, and now, it has been expanded to include multiple modern facilities and structures. Other than Cook Ranch, the opening scene of ‘Silverado’ was shot in White Rock (also in New Mexico).

Other sites from the state making occasional appearances in the movie are Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu; Los Alamos; Eaves Movie Ranch, Rancho Alegre Road, Santa Fe; Abiquiu; Santa Ana Pueblo; Nambe; Tent Rocks, Cochiti Pueblo; White Rock Overlook, Black Mesa; and Bonanza Creek Ranch, Santa Fe. Filming for ‘Silverado’ was completed within 96 days.

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