Six Schizophrenic Brothers: Where Are The Galvin Siblings Now?

The Galvin family from Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the focus of Discovery+’s documentary series ‘Six Schizophrenic Brothers.’ This documentary series delves into the lives of the twelve Galvin siblings—ten boys and two girls—and their struggle with the schizophrenia diagnoses of six of the brothers. The documentary aims to explore and understand the family’s early life while addressing and dispelling biases and misinformation surrounding the medical condition. By portraying the real-life experiences of those who lived through it, the documentary humanizes their stories and underscores the importance of listening to and understanding their journey.

Donald Galvin is at an Assisted-Living Facility Today

Image Credit: The Galvin Family Trust

The oldest of the Galvin siblings, Donald, was the star child of the family, excelling in academics, sports, and all areas his parents could hope for in their eldest son. However, shortly after he joined Colorado State University, he began experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia, including auditory hallucinations and violent tendencies. The situation escalated when he attempted to murder his ex-wife, Jean. Following this, Donald returned home, frequently moving in and out of mental health institutions, and ultimately stayed with his parents.

Donald is now 78 and remains close to some of his siblings. He lives in an assisted-living facility in Pueblo, Colorado, where he enjoys simple pleasures like car rides and McDonald’s meals. He has also developed an appreciation for ballet, opera, symphony, and theater. His siblings, especially Mary, the youngest, keep him integrated into their lives whenever possible. He attended his brother Peter’s memorial in June 2024 and seemed quite sad at the event. The Galvin family has established The Galvin Family Trust to raise funds to support his living and daily care. Despite his gentle demeanor and ability to hold engaging conversations, his brain disorder sometimes makes following his discussions challenging.

Jim Galvin is No Longer Alive

Jim, the second eldest son of the family, grew up feeling insecure about the attention and love his elder brother received from their parents. After Don was diagnosed with schizophrenia, their parents became preoccupied with his care, leaving Jim and his wife, Kathy, to look after the younger siblings. Jim lived in a house close to his parents and worked as a bartender for most of his life, even taking a job at the Manitou Incline train line. It was much later that his siblings learned that he had been diagnosed with the disorder when he was young and had even sought professional medical help.

It is alleged that Jim sexually abused his youngest sister, Mary, for years and was very violent and abusive towards Kathy. In 1984, he went through a divorce, and his wife took their son, Jimmy, and never contacted him again. This is when Jim’s condition worsened, and his psychosis episodes became much more frequent and self-destructive. On March 2, 2001, Jim was found dead. The coroner’s report ruled the cause of his death as a heart attack caused by an overdose of his medications.

John Galvin Distanced Himself From His Family

Image Credit: John Galvin/Facebook

John grew up witnessing his eldest two brothers constantly competing and engaging aggressively with each other. The chaos and violent environment at home led him to distance himself and spend more time with his friends. He joined the University of Colorado Boulder, where he studied Music Composition/Theory and Music Education, and graduated in 1967. In 1971, he met his wife, Nancy, and started his own family. On one occasion, he left his children at his parent’s house, but he immediately regretted the decision when Jim began roaming the house with a gun in his hand.

John studied at Boise State University and graduated in 1999 with a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. He shared that he does not have contact with Donald even now, feeling they have nothing in common. While he wishes to support his siblings, his primary focus is to help Mary, his youngest sister, who is the primary caregiver for their other siblings. John is settled in Boise, Idaho, and despite having been distant from his family for so long, he has expressed his commitment to supporting his siblings to the best of his ability.

Brian Galvin Committed Suicide

Brian was the shining star of his family, excelling in athletics and even forming a band with his high school friends. His talent took him on a state tour with his bandmates, and he eventually relocated to California to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star. His family was immensely proud of his achievements and relieved to see him thriving. In California, Brian met Noni, a beautiful and resilient woman, and the two began a relationship. Brian proudly introduced Noni to his family, but their time together was short-lived.

Brian was found dead in his girlfriend’s house on September 7, 1973. He had committed suicide after shooting her in the face. His death was quite a massive shock to his family, particularly to his younger siblings, who learned that he had also been on medication for treating schizophrenia. The loss of Brian in such a brutal manner had a profound impact on the foundation of the family and the years that followed.

Michael Galvin Does Not Want to Speak of His Family’s History

Michael Galvin stood out from his siblings due to his deep immersion in the countercultural movement. While others may have viewed him as a “hippie,” Michael simply sought to embrace the music and ethos of the era and lead a peaceful life, distinct from the turmoil unfolding within his family. However, his parents harbored concerns that his rebellious behavior might be symptomatic of the disorder that had affected many of their sons. Michael’s brushes with the law included an arrest for trespassing, which reportedly led to him spending 16-18 months in a psychiatric hospital, allegedly at the urging of his parents.

Michael Galvin has maintained a low profile, declining to participate in the documentary series. With a family of his own, his daughter Levana attested to his role as an exemplary father to her and her sister, Brea, and a loving grandfather. Michael opts not to dwell on the tumultuous history of his family, seemingly content to have forged a new path for himself.

Richard Galvin is a Loving Grandfather Today

Richard reminisced about his role as somewhat of a peacemaker in the family, particularly among his brothers. He often found himself mediating disputes and protecting the younger siblings from bullying by the older ones. Richard also fondly recalled playing hockey with his younger siblings, showcasing his skill in the sport. However, he also reflected on the profound impact of losing each of his brothers, whether to death or their respective disorders.

On February 13, 2005, Richard married Renee Butler and made their home in Denver, Colorado. They have a daughter named Jamie and two grandchildren whom Richard adores, often sharing their pictures with pride. After his mother’s passing in 2017, Richard reached out to his siblings, expressing that Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without her pumpkin pie recipe. Richard also enjoys traveling, as evidenced by his trip to Dubai, and occasionally shares his political opinions.

Joseph Galvin’s Whereabouts are Unknown

Joseph, affectionately known as Joe, was the quiet and reserved member of his family. He excelled at playing hockey, and upon graduating from high school, his family was immensely proud of him. They all believed he had a promising future, so when he secured a job with an airline in Chicago, it was a profoundly satisfying achievement for him. He spent much time alone, and his siblings remarked that his life transformed overnight.

Joe was living an everyday life when he suddenly woke up one day and complained of hearing voices in his head. He sent a threatening email to his bosses and was subsequently fired. Upon returning home, he was the only sibling who could articulate his experiences. He frequently discussed with his siblings what he was going through and his desire for it to stop. Currently, he seems to be out of touch with his family, and updates about him are scarce. In Robert Kolker’s book ‘Hidden Valley Road,’ where all the siblings were interviewed, it is mentioned that Joe once sent $500 to Michael’s daughters for their college books upon learning they could not afford them.

Mark Galvin is a Proud Father and Grandfather

Mark recounted that he had a tough childhood. As one of the youngest brothers, it was difficult for him to stand up to his older siblings, and he shared that he had been beaten by them a few times. He described how some of the others would hold him while the eldest ones punched him in the stomach. As he grew older, he witnessed schizophrenia consuming his brothers’ lives, and the resulting turmoil at home drove him to seek comfort elsewhere, leading him to spend more time with his friends.

Mark married Lisa Lankford on April 21, 2020 and settled in Windsor, Colorado. he has three children: Emily, Blake, and Luke, and Mark is also a grandfather to three grandchildren. His youngest grandson, Henry, is the apple of his eye, and Mark has shared that watching him grow up has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. He frequently posts emotional and meaningful reflections on various subjects, such as his father’s passing from cancer and the importance of friends. Mark is focused on his family and even took a trip to Alabama with his son Blake and daughter-in-law Laura. Over the years, he has begun to heal from some of his past wounds.

Matthew Galvin is Living in a Medical Facility

Matthew was relatively young when he was so severely beaten by his brother Joe that he required brain surgery. He was on the hockey team with his brothers Joe and Peter and once sustained a severe head injury after crashing into the goalpost. Over time, Matthew began to develop symptoms, and one day, while at a friend’s house showing them a vase he had made, he experienced an episode and smashed the vase. From that point on, things were never the same for him.

Matthew spent time in various medical facilities and lived independently in a Section 8 apartment. In 2019, he celebrated his 61st birthday with his brothers Peter and Michael and visited Independence Pass, Colorado, in 2021. He still finds joy in playing musical instruments like the flute and guitar. His 2024 vacation to St. Elmo, Colorado, was particularly fulfilling for him. As one of the beneficiaries of the money raised through the Galvin Family Trust, Matthew receives support, and whenever his siblings can, they make sure to visit him and include him in their lives.

Peter Galvin Passed Away in 2023

Image Credit: The Galvin Family Trust

Peter Galvin was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 14, the youngest of all the Galvin brothers to receive such a diagnosis. His siblings described him as mischievous and fond of playing pranks, which their mother did not appreciate. Peter was relatively young when his father had a stroke that left him paralyzed, a traumatic event that many believe may have contributed to Peter’s brain disorder. After his diagnosis, Peter was not an easy patient to manage. He did well on medications but would often stop taking them, causing his symptoms to deteriorate. He once assaulted a police officer, and it took seven months for his sister Mary to prove in court that he was mentally incompetent to be punished.

Peter was greatly loved by his siblings, who were very sympathetic to his condition, especially as he had to undergo shock treatments to keep him subdued. His sister Mary frequently brought him to her home, ensuring he remained connected with family. Peter passed away on October 17, 2023, just before his 63rd birthday. He spent his last few years in a medical facility in Colorado and took trips with his brother Matthew to places like the Continental Divide, Bishop Castle, and Liverpool Legends. He had started finding solace in music and would often play recorder for anyone who visited him.

Margaret Galvin is a reputed Artist Today

Margaret Galvin was quite young when she was sent to stay with family friends. However, she maintained a close bond with her mother, with whom she often visited the Botanic Gardens in Colorado. These visits sparked her deep appreciation for nature. Margaret studied botanical illustration at the Denver Botanic Gardens for five years and has become an accomplished and award-winning artist. She also earned a degree in Outdoor Recreation from CU and has worked for Outdoor Magazine. Specializing in monotype prints, Margaret received an honorable mention for her piece My Value Study at a juried show at the Dairy Center in Boulder.

Margaret, now known as Margaret Galvin Johnson, is married and has two daughters. She runs MJ Galleries with a robust entrepreneurial spirit. In June 2024, she announced that one of her works was selected for a national juried show. Currently, she is experimenting with mixed media, combining her skills in painting and photography with etchings or relief plates for printmaking. Although she has limited contact with her family due to her busy life, she is proud of the life she has built for herself and supports her siblings through active participation in the Galvin Family Trust.

Mary Galvin is a Mother of Two Today

As the youngest member of the family, Mary had the most difficult time. With her elder sister gone, she felt abandoned in a violent and detrimental home. Spending time at her brother Jim’s house was also quite harmful to her as she allegedly faced sexual abuse at his hands throughout her childhood. Mary remained close to her family, and after her mother passed away, she remembered her mother’s request not to abandon their siblings who were struggling. Mary took this to heart and continues to honor that promise to this day, acting as the primary caregiver for her siblings, who are under medical care for their illnesses. Despite feeling burdened, she remains dedicated to caring for them to the best of her abilities.

Mary, who changed her name to Lindsay Rauch, earned a marketing degree in 1989 and began working as a Sales Director at Eldora Mountain Resort. She found a stable partner in Rick Rauch, and together, they co-founded Event Design Group, an event planning organization, in 1991. Lindsay is the Executive Director at Event Design Group and a Board Member of the Henry Amador Center, which focuses on raising awareness and resources for various mental health conditions. She is also an integral member of the Galvin Family Trust. Mary/Lindsay, her husband, and their two children, Kate and Jack, have settled in Ridgway, Colorado. She has skillfully managed her son’s ADHD diagnosis and has become an exceptional mother and caregiver to those around her.

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