Skip and Loafer Episode 3 Recap: Fluffy Crackle

In ‘Skip and Loafer’ or ‘Skip to Loafer’ episode 3 titled ‘Fluffy Crackle,’ Mitsumi makes a new friend named Makoto when she goes to join the student council. Unlike her other friends, Makoto is quite nervous around people and struggles socially. But Mitsumi not only manages to make her comfortable but even makes plans to go to the movies with her. However, the plan does not really turn out as she or Makoto expected.

Mitsumi Makes New Friends

After giving it a lot of thought, Mitsumi heads to the student’s council room hoping to join it. But before she can get there, she meets Sousuke and Yuzuki. By the time she finally walks towards the main door, she notices that a student is already there. It turns out that she is from Mitsumi’s class and her name is Kurume Makoto. When Makoto notices the trio, she is startled and feels intimidated. She has heard rumors that Mitsumi is actually the Secret Boss of the school.

After Yuzuki leaves, the three of them enter the student council room to inquire if there is an opportunity for new kids. Sadly they are informed that the student government does not recruit members. The student council president Yamamoto and Takamine the treasurer then introduce themselves to the trio. They then mention that they can let Yuzuki and Mitsumi join them as the support team to help organize different events.

Mitsumi is concerned about time management and Takamine reassures her that the activities can sometimes be hectic but they are not bad enough to affect her grades. After having a brief discussion, Mitsumi asks Makoto if she has free time. It turns out that she wanted to visit the Starmax cafe and wants Makoto to join her and Sousuke Shima. Although she is initially nervous, Makoto becomes comfortable with her new friends in a very short time. The following day when Mitsumi reaches school, Makoto is waiting for her. She asks her if she would like to go to the movie.

However, Makoto is not prepared for the fact that other students from the class would overhear the conversation and decide to join them. On the day Mitsumi and her friend go out for the movie, they first visit a restaurant to eat something. While discussing the popcorn at the theater almost everyone disagrees with Yuzuki who likes the salted ones except for Makoto who has a similar taste. But when Yuzuki tries to give her a high-five, she lives her hanging.

Do Yuzuki and Makoto Become Friends?

Just after coming out of the cafe, Yuzuki tells Makoto that she knows that she meant to only invite Mitsumi to the movie. Although Makoto has not given her a high five despite Yuzuki taking the initiative, the latter does not seem bothered at all. Murashige even feels that Kurume probably does not like people like her. She even tells her that and shows no anger or ill will. In order to make sure that Makoto is comfortable, Yuzuki asks her to just chill and not force herself to talk to her.

Meanwhile, Mitsumi who is walking behind the two of them realizes that she has failed miserably as a class representative and has paid no attention to the nature of the people invited to the movie for cohesive social interaction. While watching the film, she sits between Makoto and Yuzuki and desperately wonders how she can make things work between the two of them. Eventually, she even asks Sousuke for help. Unfortunately for her, he does not really get her non-verbal signals and ends up passing the salted popcorn.

Interestingly when Iwakura tries it with her caramel popcorn, she realizes that the two mix well and are quite delicious. She asks Yuzuki and Makoto to try as well and both of them appear to like it too. Mitsumi proudly announces that she is Camp Caramel and Salted, which amuses Yuzuki. Meanwhile, Makoto realizes that she had enjoyed her drink at the cafe as well and probably trying new things in life wasn’t probably such a terrible thing.

Makoto then texts Yuzuki that she was right about the fact that she does not really like people like her. But then she goes on to mention that she would still like to know her more. Although she does not have the courage to look directly at Yuzuki, the latter seems quite happy because of her gesture. While the group is returning home, Mitsumi appears quite satisfied and notices that the memories of places are actually memories of the people one goes there with.

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