Solo Leveling Episode 2 Recap: If I Had One More Chance

In ‘Ore dake Level Up na Ken’ or ‘Solo Leveling‘ episode 2 titled ‘If I had one more chance’ Sung Jin-Woo and his comrades begin to panic as they face death in the second dungeon. Apart from Jin-Woo, no one has any clue about what to do. Naturally, some lose sight of the threat surrounding them and try to escape only to get killed brutally in the process. Jin-Woo reminds his surviving friends about the commandments they had read earlier and tries to act in a manner so that they don’t get killed. However, understanding the instructions is not as easy as it first appears and one hunter after another continues to get killed.

The Massacre in the Second Dungeon

As Sung Jin-Woo and his comrades watch their friends getting slaughtered right in front of them, they are gripped by a sense of helplessness and fear. But it’s obvious that anyone trying to move is executed on the spot by the statues. Therefore, Song instructs his peers to stay in their place and not to move an inch. Since Joonhee is not good at handling pressure, she is incapacitated and barely responds to anything for a while. Song approaches Jin-Woo and that’s when the latter notices that the former’s arm is cut off. He helps him stop the blood flow so that they can come up with a plan.

That’s when Song mentions the Commandments of the Cortenon Temple written on the tablet. It clearly mentioned Revering God, Praising God, and proving one’s faith in God. Just when they are trying to figure out a plan, one of the hunters loses his patience. He appears to trust his speed and decides to flee, thinking that he won’t be caught by the statues. The others try to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Just when he runs toward the door, one of the statues unleashes a laser-like attack and burns his entire body leaving just his feet. Those who witnessed the murder and shocked beyond imagination.

Jin-Woo thinks deeply about the circumstances they are in and recalls the first commandment which talks about revering the God. He feels that if they all bow in front of the statue on the throne then the attacks will stop and nothing will happen. This turns out to be an accurate assessment of the situation. But all of a sudden, the statue on the throne starts smiling maniacally and walks toward the hunters. Now, they have to figure out a way to understand what praise the God means.

One of the hunters walks bravely towards the statue and bows in front of it. He relies on his knowledge to figure out a course of action but things continue to escalate. The statue kills the hunters and continues to march towards others killing some in the process. Jin-Woo eventually notices that some of the statues are holding instruments and asks his comrades to run towards them. His advice works and the statues start playing as soon as someone stands in front of them. Jin-Woo is the last to find a statue to stand in front of and almost gets killed in the process.

Sung Jin-Woo’s Brave Sacrifice

After the music is played, the condition of praising God is finally fulfilled. The statue goes back to its throne and sits there. Now an altar appears in the center of the hall. Everyone knows that God now desires a sacrifice and some hunters push Song to go since he is the leader. He reluctantly accepts his fate. But it turns out that all the hunters must go near the altar. Once they are there, the door opens allowing a free passage to anyone who desires to go, but the statues start moving toward the altar at the same time. Jin-Woo tells his comrades to keep looking at them to stop them from moving. This advice also works.

Eventually, one of the hunters panics and runs toward the door. She manages to escape unharmed. It soon becomes evident that people can leave as long as there is one hunter left in the end. Everyone comes up with reasons to rush to the door and escape. Eventually, Jin-Woo decides to stay allowing Joonhee and Song to escape. He is burning with hatred for some of his comrades as the statues approach him. They then slaughter him mercilessly. As he is about to die, a screen appears in front of Jin-Woo asking him to embark on an adventure to become strong.

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